Glam More

By Meredith Henson


In this day in age, less is more, right? Wrong. A return to maximalism is the latest fashion of the times. The recent election has changed the way people view conspicuous consumption, which is spending in excess on luxury goods that aren’t necessary, but are to show wealth.  According to the New York Times, it will become routine for women and men to spend tremendous amounts of money on the newest clothing and accessories, leave the country for w555eeks at a time, to indulge their love of travel, and attend glamorous parties (Frank). Having and flaunting excess amounts of wealth will be admired from the Oval Office on down.

A perfect example of maximalism from back in the day is Texas supermodel Jerry Hall. Hall was the ultimate IT girl in her time. She was constantly busy modeling in Paris or New York, and partying at Studio 54 every night with legendary people (Moyer). This small town Texas girl had no problem making it in the big leagues, and her relationship with Mick Jagger only increased her popularity. Hall embodies the Zeitgeist, which represents the ideals and beliefs at any given time, for Fall/Winter 2019 by exuding a sense of power and femininity that inspired women around her.

Diana Ross also lived an extremely glamorous and posh life during the 60s and111 70s. As the Queen of Motown, Ross could always be seen in extravagant accessories paired with silk gowns, which were classic to the disco era.  The Supremes became v
ery famous relatively fast, but there was trouble in paradise. Diana was known as the best singer in the Supremes, but to her co singers she was known as a pushy leader (Simon & Shuster). Although there was drama, The Supremes still remain as one of the best female bands in history.

To top off the list of glamorous people, Princess Diana was the true definition of a classy woman. She dres222sed in an elegant manner that showed off her exquisite taste, and more importantly, her wealth. She had a confidence about her that stood out, and is still an inspiration to many. When we think back on Princess Diana, we can remember how much she loved her people, and she showed that by giving back to the community through charity work (Historpedia). England has been under the radar recently thanks to Brexit. The pound has significantly dropped in worth, and people are swarming to shop in this new economy. Along with Brexit, new TV shows are catching viewers’ attention, such as The Crown and The Royals.

So, the maximalist styles are back in full swing, but how can you incorporate these styles into your current wardrobe? Easy, just add some pizzazz with more accessories, velvet and silk pieces, and big bold hair and makeup to top off the look. This may seem excessive, but it is a style to have fun with! Gone are the days of boring black and white closets, now you are free to explore and wear whatever your heart desires.








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