I See Romance in Your Future

Cassidy Goldsmith

222           If you’ve been to the grocery store lately I’m sure the March issue cover of your favorite fashion 555magazine has caught your eye. It’s time to start sorting through your winter wardrobe to make room for all the new clothes you are going to buy for spring, and I’m here to hopefully
make your shopping a little more focused. Many magazines are calling for a dainty, floral and romantic look, so sit back, and let’s talk about the key elements of a romantic spring wardrobe.

This spring is all about subdued pinks and nudes. I’m sure you’ve seen the blush bride444smaid’s dresses on Pinterest while planning your dream wedding, or at least I have. It’s time to take those gorgeous hues and incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe. Don’t be wary to wear these colors (or lack thereof) as they are very flattering on all skin types. Not to mention that the Kardashian clan has already been rocking this trend. I always say, it pays to be keeping up with the Kardashians.

The next trend to be on the look for is floral patterns (insert the infamous Devil Wears Prada quote here). In all seriousness, florals are a huge trend for this spring and if you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon in the past, you should consider doing so now. These dainty flowers are the epitome of a girly-romantic wardrobe, so embrace your feminine side this spring when rock your favorite floral items.

If you love embroidery, then you will be 111excited to know that this spring will be your season.  And more is more, so pair your embroidered tops with embroidered jeans, skirts and shoes and rock them with pride. Models and bloggers alike are wearing heavily embroidered items in their day to day lives, and you too can add these beautiful statement pieces to your wardrobe.

Lastly we have the sheer fabrication trend. Although some choose to show their undergarments with this trend you don’t have to. We are seeing sheer tulle over dresses and jeans to add a princess-like touch to your wardrobe. Like I said, this spring you’re going to want to embrace 333all things girly and romantic, and adding a sheer skirt to top to your outfit is the perfect way to do so.

I know I just threw a lot at you, but the key to having romantically feminine wardrobe is in the details. In order to nail the romance trend, all you need to do is add a few versatile pieces to your wardrobe. You can wear a pair of embroidered jeans and pair it with a blush top or a blush bag, you can throw a sheer top over a nude tank for an effortlessly chic ensemble. The wonderful thing about this trend is how easy it is and how versatile it is! Don’t be scared to mix and match these new trends with the clothes you already have; and for never ending inspiration, look towards your favorite celebrity icons. Happy shopping!




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