Head Over Heels for Ideals

By Cathlyn Jones

Hopefully, we all want something greater than ourselves, something that brings us together or provides peace to the world. Right now the Zeitgeist, or “sprit of the times” is full of dominating ideals, or things that we as a society or group value. These ideals are still being sought after and fought for with the end goal of a better future for everyone. Now more than ever the ideals of social awareness, ethical lifestyles and gender equality are in the spotlight in hopes of bringing about a greater acceptance of everybody, everywhere.
Wake Up America!
We have come a long way in becoming a more mindful society, but there is still so much to be done. This year has been full of marches and protests against social, political, physical, spiritual, and cultural inequality. These protests bring attention to the need for justice and rights for many different people, all while allowing our nation to become better acquainted with a wider number of perspectives. With an increase in social media, the Millennial generation has become more aware of injustices and become inspired to speak up for what is right in regard to all forms of inequality.

Stepping into the Green Scene
With an increase in vegan, organic and sustainable products ranging from food, clothes and home goods, our society is able to find almost anything they want that has been sourced in an ethical manner. Now everyone can practice the ideal of living and buying in an ethical manner through many different ways. These ethical decisions could be giving back to impoverished people through charities partnered with popular brands, buying ethically made products that reduce our carbon footprint or helping create safe and clean homes or workplaces for people around the globe. The effort to protect Mother Earth is not just the right thing to do; it is rather a necessity in order for us to continue to live in a world full of essential resources.

Finding Comfort through Gender Fluidity
There is no shame in being who you are, and lately this ideal has been prevalent especially through gender-fluid campaigns found all over the media and the cosmetics and fashion industries. Through the decades, gender-neutral ideals have been showcased through fashion innovations and famous androgynous influencers such as David Bowie, creating an awareness of the importance to find confidence in you who are, and express yourself in your own way. This ideal is gaining more acceptance through the measures being made in order to create a respectful conscious of gender fluidity,

These three ideals are not just on signs at protests or words being said, they are found in many forms of apparel and products all over the nation. These ideals are found on t-shirts with “Black Lives Matter” or “Girl Power” on the front, handbags and shoes made from vegan leather and gender-neutral magazine covers showcased in Vogue. The ideals aren’t just affecting the stories found on the news but also the clothes we wear and the products we buy.

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