Going for the Bold

By Madison Mortimer

People often say, ‘who you spend time with is who you become’ and social groups are those with whom we share common interests or values. Dominating social groups help define the spirit of the times, or Zeitgeist, by keeping a close eye and mimicking things like their favorite celebrities, television shows, and technological innovation. Whether that means fellow Swifties, your Game of Thrones watch party pals, or other techies with you in line at the Apple Store, your social group could be where the mainstream finds the next big thing in fashion.
Swiftly Slithering Forward
Remember when Taylor Swift was a wide-eyed, lighthearted country singer who appeared in the Hannah Montana Movie? Oh, how the times have changed. With the release of her latest music—and the videos that accompany it—Swift will inspire some major fashion trends this fall. Keep an eye out for snake accessories, graphic tees promoting her new “Swifties” trademark, and bold pops of red. America’s little pop-country sweetheart as of only four years ago has redefined herself to an independent, edgy woman who is not here to play games, and the looks she has displayed through this metamorphosis will inspire her vast fandom to do the same.

Conquering the Iron Throne
The phrase “Winter is coming” used to be just a vague interpretation of the weather, but now these words excite millions of Game of Thrones fans to anticipate the drama, action, romance, and betrayal that keeps them on the edge of their seats. As the critically-acclaimed show continues to increase in popularity, watch as fans adopt looks straight from Westeros with an edgy, unexpected application of leather, braided hairstyles, and handmade metal statement jewelry.

Social Groups - Game of Thrones.tif
You Light Up My World
The rapid growth and increased accessibility of technology has changed the way we live in ways unimagined by our great grandparents. While many of us are just excited when new emojis are released, true techies see the applications of advanced technology beyond just the phones we tightly grasp. Technological advancements will impact the fashion world not only through added features in our clothes and accessories, but also how we produce and care for our wardrobe. A handful of designers have used LED lights in their garments and footwear, and while this seems inaccessible for mainstream consumers today, in a few short years, teens may be sporting glowing gowns at prom. Will there be a day when even our clothes are synced to our phones? Only time will tell.

Even if you don’t see yourself aligning with Swifties, Game of Thrones fans, or techies, the trends they inspire can be an inspiration to you, too. Combine serpentine jewelry with a leather statement dress for an eye-catching night-out look. Rock vintage light-up sneakers at a music festival to show your techie, trendsetter side. Even a red lip and braided up-do are easy, accessible ways to apply the upcoming season’s trends. Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book this season and don’t be afraid to reinvent your signature style.


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