It Takes Three to Make a Trend go Right

By Catherine Grantham

Fashion is a way to express yourself, and this fall’s trends are no exception for being fun, flirty and accessible. We’ve used the “power of three” to see what will be on trend next season for all fashionistas. From velvet to metallic to earthy accents, there’s something in there you’ll fall in love with.

Crowded on a Velvet Cushion
We’ve moved on from the velour Juicy track suit days, yet velvet continues to capture the hearts of our celebrity icons such as Kendall Jenner and Victoria Beckham, so why don’t you jump on that bandwagon too?! Whether you’re designing a Pinterest-worthy living space or you have the non-existent budget of a college gal, velvet is back, better than before, and accessible for all budgets. As rich and luxe as velvet fabric is itself, bold colored velvet has made its presence known. Say goodbye to black and hello to bold blues and canary yellow. If you’re not ready to invest in those statement pieces, don’t worry, you can just sport a scrunchy until you’re comfortable.

09 - Velvet


I Don’t Give a Glam
The future is now! Metallic and mirrored objects are no longer futuristic. From drug store makeup to heirloom-quality furniture, you are bound to see your reflection bouncing off of something shiny. We’ll see a rise in metallic eye shadows, lip gloss with more glitter than mankind thought was possible, and furniture that won’t help distract others from that mess on your floor…you can’t hide from a mirror! You can even do others a favor by purchasing shoes with mirrored heels – they’ll thank you later when they can nonchalantly check themselves out. So, next time your compact mirror breaks, don’t throw it away, just add the pieces to something and call it a day!

09 - Metallic skirt


Rock On
The new geode wedding cake trend may be rocking the internet (haha, get it?!), but soon you’ll be blowing more than just your wedding budget on geodes. From cakes and lattes to jewelry to home décor and even trending hair and nail styles, the geodes are here, and thanks to mother nature, they aren’t going anywhere. You no longer have to look for something that is both nature-made or appealing to the eye, geodes are both! If you are wanting to stay on trend but don’t have the budget, don’t fret; you can even incorporate the DIY lifestyle and make your own geode – your friends will never know it didn’t come from Neiman Marcus. Next time your friends come over, show off some geode coasters, or even a lamp, and you can set the mood with some rock music.

09 - Geode

Source: Cheryl Saban Designs Instagram

Whether you find yourself in Target or Bloomingdale’s, you can spot these vibrant trends at all price ranges. You can DIY your geodes and call yourself Susie Homemaker, turn the mistake of dropping your mirror into something trendy, or even recycle your grandmother’s velvet, you’ll be spot on for starting the season with a bang!

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