WGSN Tells You What’s In

By Lexi Dowell

WGS-wha? WGSN is World Global Styling Network, which is the crème de la crème source in forecasting for scouting out new and emerging trends. From textiles, colors, and even architecture, WGSN can predict up to three years out what’s going to be hot.

Dare to Denim

These are not your older sister’s ripped jeans! Denim on denim did not die out in the nineties. Perfect for today’s individualistic society, denim gives everyone a versatile and customizable feel. Denim with detailing and different washes in many forms such as vests, chokers, and handbags will be sure to find its way into your closet. It has already been spotted on models such as Bella Hadid and on the runways. With new brands like Good American by Khloe Kardashian and Levi’s revamped line, denim everything is back in and the only rule is ‘there are no rules’.

08 - Denim

Source: http://coveteur.com/

Pretty, Pretty Protest 

Wearing pants liberated our feminist grandmas – rock on, grandmas! But being a feminist now has broadened to include the idea of embracing your femininity and with that, we are feeling pretty, oh so pretty! Tulle skirts and sheer overlays for showing off your frills and curves are back in. This sheer trend is a result of increasing popularity among the body acceptance movement which encourages women to be confident in their own skin by showing off a little skin. Not into showing skin? That’s okay, too. Opt for some retro Mary Jane shoes to call attention to those gorgeous gams. With variations of heel shape and height, the strap is back and easily spotted on stars like Taylor Swift, a well-known 1920s enthusiast.

08 - Boiler Suit

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/

Fab! Fit! Functional?

We’ve had a long period of athleisure that has stressed cuteness and comfort, but what about functionality? Go grab your grandpa’s old Air Force flight suit because boilers are back! Cousin to the still-trending jumpsuit, the boiler suit has ties back to World War II and was once sported by blue-collar workers. Now, you don’t need to be Rosie the Riveter to wear this suit. This look shows that you’re ready to rule the office and look fierce while doing it. In the age of tiny houses, it’s no surprise these utilitarian styles are on the rise. Functional details like oversize pockets give the perfect touch of practicality to your wardrobe, but spice up your style with added impractical embellishments and show off your individuality with chains and metal embellishments.

08 - Mary Janes

Source: http://thezoereport.com/

Don’t worry savvy shoppers; taking your old jean jackets and jeans and revamping them can easily make them look like they are hot off the runway. Thrift shop for some cute and comfortable Mary Janes, and make yourself a dream skirt using tulle fabric and elastic that you can find for cheap at fabric stores. Look in stores for things with chain detailing or oversized pockets. Whether you’re feeling super feminine, ready to slay the streets, or like a 90s Britney Spears, these coming up trends have something for everyone.


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In a Wreck for Fashion Tech

By Emily Brennan

Robots, flying cars, and space travel are usually associated with the future, but what if I told you that technological advancements you thought you would only see in your favorite science fiction novel are already here? Currently the technological innovations we only dreamed of are prevalent within the Zeitgeist, or “spirit of the times.” With technologies such as augmented reality, facial recognition, and instant, customizable fashion soon to become commonplace in the retail industry, it’s clear that the future is happening right now!

Make Your Future Your (Augmented) Reality
Once a thing of the future, augmented reality (AR) is now a thing of the present. Companies such as Gap have developed apps using AR for consumers to see how various garments would fit before purchasing. AR is also rumored to be used in technological fashion pieces already on the market, such as Snapchat’s Snap Spectacles. While the use of AR in Snap Spectacles II has been yet to be confirmed by Snapchat, it was discovered that the company sent a patent application for AR glasses in November 2015. Before we know it, augmented reality will become just that—a reality.

06 - AR Glasses

Source: https://www.spectacles.com/ 

Take It At Face Value
Saying “cheese” will soon no longer simply be a phrase we say when taking a picture. Instead, we will soon be smiling to pay for goods, all with the help of facial recognition technology. In China, retailers are already using facial recognition cameras that allow consumers to transfer funds through their mobile devices to pay for goods. Many believe that facial recognition will cause a dramatic increase in spending, directly affecting the fashion industry. So go ahead. Smile. Buy that dress. Soon enough the two will mean the same thing.

06 - Facial Recognition

Source: https://www.technologyreview.com

It’s My Style and I Need It Now!
In fashion, our style and individuality is often limited to the mass-produced merchandise stores offer. But what if you could have customizable fashion pieces in 90 minutes or less? This idea is soon to become a reality. At Nike’s Nike by You studio, consumers are able to customize a pair of Nike’s Presto X shoes directly on their feet and wear them out of the store only 90 minutes later. The Ministry of Supply shop in Boston is also taking advantage of this technology through a 3-D knitting machine that creates custom blazers also in just 90 minutes. Before we know it, other companies will offer instant fashion, allowing you to buy customizable merchandise ready in only—you guessed it—90 minutes.

06 - 3D Printing

Source: https://digiday.com

Like the fashion industry, technology is constantly changing and the high-tech dreams of the future are now making their way into the present. Whether it be augmented reality, facial recognition, or instant, customized fashion, there are many innovations that are changing not only fashion but the world. So try on that dress via AR, customize that blazer in less than 90 minutes, and pay for it all by only showing your face, because the future is now!
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Where’d You Get That Attitude?

By Ramsey Pittman

You’ve surely heard the saying, “To each their own.” This means that we all have the right to our own perspective, or attitude. Society’s attitude reflects the Zeitgeist, or spirit of the times. The dominating attitude of this era is an ongoing struggle between people’s desire to fit in or to stand out, to conform or stand against the norm. We can have a supportive attitude or a resistant attitude, but either way, attitudes make an impact. Today, fashion is influenced by attitudes toward the LGBT community, free speech and protest, and immigration.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Acceptance toward the LGBT community has been rising since the legalization of same-sex marriage during Obama’s presidency. Australia is currently going through a similar situation on whether to legalize gay marriage. Clearly, society’s attitude is changing and seeking to go against the values of the past with a favorable and positive attitude toward marriage equality and acceptance for LGBT. This will influence trends like rainbow motifs and patterns, bold colors, and color blocking. Support for trans models, gay artists, and gay designers may also increase as a result.

Say it Like You Mean It
As political tensions continue to intensify domestically and internationally, people speaking out boldly on controversial issues is increasing as well. The recent NFL protests that Kaepernick ignited by taking a knee during the national anthem have led to both attitudes of support and negative backlash. Some have commended protesters like Kaepernick for standing up against racial inequality and injustice, but many believe it is unpatriotic and disrespectful to take such a strong stance against our nation’s flag and anthem. This attitude toward freedom of speech and protest will lead to more statement and graphic pieces that express individual’s beliefs. We also may see more red, white, and blue from those who do not support the protestors.

Diversity is a Certainty
In light of political views on immigration as well as terrorist attacks around the world, diversity has become a hot topic of discussion. Attitudes shift back and forth between pro- and anti-immigration in countries like the U.K., who have been a target of several terrorist attacks this year. Many people have a negative attitude toward immigration because they are fearful. Yet, it seems that Americans are in favor of diversity and inclusion of other cultures. This attitude toward cultural diversity may lead to the incorporation of native patterns from around the globe and clothing that celebrates rather than exploits other cultures.
We all have an opinion about what is right or wrong, what we like or don’t like, and this affects the way we dress—even if it’s just subconsciously. Whether you are in support or resistance to such topics as LGBT rights, freedom of speech and protest, and immigration, you are making a statement when you wear patriotic colors, ethnic clothing, graphic tees, and rainbow print. So, will your attitude and the dominating attitude of society impact the fashion choices you make? Can you even help it?


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Going for the Bold

By Madison Mortimer

People often say, ‘who you spend time with is who you become’ and social groups are those with whom we share common interests or values. Dominating social groups help define the spirit of the times, or Zeitgeist, by keeping a close eye and mimicking things like their favorite celebrities, television shows, and technological innovation. Whether that means fellow Swifties, your Game of Thrones watch party pals, or other techies with you in line at the Apple Store, your social group could be where the mainstream finds the next big thing in fashion.
Swiftly Slithering Forward
Remember when Taylor Swift was a wide-eyed, lighthearted country singer who appeared in the Hannah Montana Movie? Oh, how the times have changed. With the release of her latest music—and the videos that accompany it—Swift will inspire some major fashion trends this fall. Keep an eye out for snake accessories, graphic tees promoting her new “Swifties” trademark, and bold pops of red. America’s little pop-country sweetheart as of only four years ago has redefined herself to an independent, edgy woman who is not here to play games, and the looks she has displayed through this metamorphosis will inspire her vast fandom to do the same.

Conquering the Iron Throne
The phrase “Winter is coming” used to be just a vague interpretation of the weather, but now these words excite millions of Game of Thrones fans to anticipate the drama, action, romance, and betrayal that keeps them on the edge of their seats. As the critically-acclaimed show continues to increase in popularity, watch as fans adopt looks straight from Westeros with an edgy, unexpected application of leather, braided hairstyles, and handmade metal statement jewelry.

Social Groups - Game of Thrones.tif
You Light Up My World
The rapid growth and increased accessibility of technology has changed the way we live in ways unimagined by our great grandparents. While many of us are just excited when new emojis are released, true techies see the applications of advanced technology beyond just the phones we tightly grasp. Technological advancements will impact the fashion world not only through added features in our clothes and accessories, but also how we produce and care for our wardrobe. A handful of designers have used LED lights in their garments and footwear, and while this seems inaccessible for mainstream consumers today, in a few short years, teens may be sporting glowing gowns at prom. Will there be a day when even our clothes are synced to our phones? Only time will tell.

Even if you don’t see yourself aligning with Swifties, Game of Thrones fans, or techies, the trends they inspire can be an inspiration to you, too. Combine serpentine jewelry with a leather statement dress for an eye-catching night-out look. Rock vintage light-up sneakers at a music festival to show your techie, trendsetter side. Even a red lip and braided up-do are easy, accessible ways to apply the upcoming season’s trends. Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s book this season and don’t be afraid to reinvent your signature style.


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Head Over Heels for Ideals

By Cathlyn Jones

Hopefully, we all want something greater than ourselves, something that brings us together or provides peace to the world. Right now the Zeitgeist, or “sprit of the times” is full of dominating ideals, or things that we as a society or group value. These ideals are still being sought after and fought for with the end goal of a better future for everyone. Now more than ever the ideals of social awareness, ethical lifestyles and gender equality are in the spotlight in hopes of bringing about a greater acceptance of everybody, everywhere.
Wake Up America!
We have come a long way in becoming a more mindful society, but there is still so much to be done. This year has been full of marches and protests against social, political, physical, spiritual, and cultural inequality. These protests bring attention to the need for justice and rights for many different people, all while allowing our nation to become better acquainted with a wider number of perspectives. With an increase in social media, the Millennial generation has become more aware of injustices and become inspired to speak up for what is right in regard to all forms of inequality.

Stepping into the Green Scene
With an increase in vegan, organic and sustainable products ranging from food, clothes and home goods, our society is able to find almost anything they want that has been sourced in an ethical manner. Now everyone can practice the ideal of living and buying in an ethical manner through many different ways. These ethical decisions could be giving back to impoverished people through charities partnered with popular brands, buying ethically made products that reduce our carbon footprint or helping create safe and clean homes or workplaces for people around the globe. The effort to protect Mother Earth is not just the right thing to do; it is rather a necessity in order for us to continue to live in a world full of essential resources.

Finding Comfort through Gender Fluidity
There is no shame in being who you are, and lately this ideal has been prevalent especially through gender-fluid campaigns found all over the media and the cosmetics and fashion industries. Through the decades, gender-neutral ideals have been showcased through fashion innovations and famous androgynous influencers such as David Bowie, creating an awareness of the importance to find confidence in you who are, and express yourself in your own way. This ideal is gaining more acceptance through the measures being made in order to create a respectful conscious of gender fluidity,

These three ideals are not just on signs at protests or words being said, they are found in many forms of apparel and products all over the nation. These ideals are found on t-shirts with “Black Lives Matter” or “Girl Power” on the front, handbags and shoes made from vegan leather and gender-neutral magazine covers showcased in Vogue. The ideals aren’t just affecting the stories found on the news but also the clothes we wear and the products we buy.

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Rain, Shine, or Shadow, it’s a Woman’s World

By Kaitlyn Marshall

How can three seemingly different events have an impact on the fashion world? Well, with Hurricane Harvey, a total solar eclipse, and The Women’s March, we can anticipate their impact on the fashion and architectural world for years to come.

When it rains, it pours…love?
In August, Hurricane Harvey dumped 27 trillion gallons of water over Houston, causing many people to be in need of temporary shelter. When he finally departed, many were left without homes. Because of this substantial need to rebuild, people will have to purchase current furniture instead of the antiques they may have once treasured. Modern materials and styles will be prevalent into the future, as well as stronger foundations and higher elevations in housing. In the fashion world, Harvey plays a major role as well. Companies have already sold large quantities of t-shirts supporting Texas and relief efforts in Harvey’s aftermath. I have no doubt that we will continue to see Harvey’s tone shift from devastation to community love and support well into the future.

02 - Hurricane Harvey

Source: Wired.com

Total Eclipse of the Heart
A total solar eclipse enveloped the globe in mid-August, causing complete totality and darkness over sections of the United States. Portions of it could be seen all over the world, however, and we can anticipate the eclipse’s influence well into days to come. Knowing there’s a metallic trend already on its way this fall, we can expect the eclipse to play a role in the expansion of metallics and space-inspired looks with ease. On that day, many had their eyes on the sky, appreciating the beauty of Mother Earth and now the eclipse glasses are off, we look forward to a renewed interest in the “green movement” and resurgence in the popularity of eco-friendly products.

02 - Solar Eclipse

Source:  The New York Times

March on, Ma’am
Women have been in constant battle for equality throughout history. More recently, with this year’s presidential election outcome, many women weren’t happy with some of the things our now president has said in his past, and took a stand. Literally. Approximately 500,000 women gathered outside the nation’s capital building and many more in several other cities across the country that same day. Since that day, pinks and reds are now symbols of women’s empowerment. We can anticipate a surge of graphic tees with slogans such as “girl power,” “women’s rights are human rights,” and “feminist” emblazoned across them. Graphic tees are an easy way to project what you believe in, without even saying a word.

02 - Red for Women

Source: The New York Times

No matter what cause you choose to support, there’s always a way to show your love. Want to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts? Buy from a small business that will send profits to Houston! Want to express your love for Mother Earth and the deep space she’s in? Use eco-friendly metallic eye shadows when going out with the girls! Want to claim solidarity with our 21st-century suffragettes? Do it while wearing reds, pinks, and graphic tees!

Support is always in style, sister! Fashion is communication, and you can show the world your values without ever saying a word.


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We’ve Got (September) Issues

By Sarah Gardner

Fashion speaks louder than words and this fall is no exception. We’ve scoured the September issues of all the top fashion magazines and found some trends that were common across all of them, which means they are sure to be big in stores and in our closets.

These trends include everything from the color red, Studio 54-era shimmer, western revival, and a new take on the fanny pack. So fall is back and so is a fresh array of ready to wear trends. Let’s see what we can look forward to this season.

Are You Red-y?

The most pronounced trend on the runways this season was RED. From apparel to accessories, red is the cardinal rule for color. Red is symbolic of many things including love and passion, but most notably has been the color of activism in the recent political scene, “A Day Without a Woman Movement,” encouraging all women to strike and wear red for one day protesting gender inequality. Red also makes a striking appearance in the popular Hulu original “The Handmaid’s Tale”, in which the color symbolizes the fertility of handmaids living in a authoritarian society in which women are treated as government property. We saw this bold statement color all over the runways of Valentino, Max Mara, Prada, and even an all-red collection from Givenchy. So, trendsetters, are you red-y for red?

01 - Givenchy Red

Givenchy Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Disco Inferno

Inspired by the days of Studio 54 and the space age, this next trend is out of this world. With August bringing us the recent solar eclipse, a record-breaking 665-day space expedition from Peggy Whitson, and a rocket launch last spring, designers certainly have their eyes set on the future. Saint Laurent showed a disco-inspired collection, while on Chanel’s runway we saw an intergalactic line-up featuring slick silvers and glitter boots. Maison Margiela, Balenciaga, and Miu Miu also offered their far-out interpretations.

01 - Chanel Space Age

Chanel Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show.

Wild, Wild, West

Designers saddled up for a trip back in time to feature a western revival on the runways. Drifting away from last season’s short skirts and form-fitting silhouettes, designers took a posh prairie approach to their collections. Designers showed bohemian prints, 70s silhouettes, and lots of fringe. From cowhide prints by Ashley Williams and Balmain, to Stella McCartney’s steel-toed booties, we can officially say the West is back. So kick off your boots and stay awhile.

01 - Balmain Western

Balmain Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

The Pack is Back

The 80s fanny pack is newly reincarnated and dubbed “the belt bag”. Once viewed as a purely utilitarian item, the belt bag combines functionality and style to form a new, hot accessory. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada were first to roll out the belt bag and we continue to see interpretations from Alexander Wang, Chanel, and others. The belt bag ranges in materials from leather to suede and is no longer just for the waist, but for cross body wear as well.

Designers have traveled off the beaten path to create stunning and daring collections this season. From political color to 80s resurrections, these trends have captured fall style in an exciting way. Add them to your wardrobe and you’ll be dressed to kill.


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