The new Popularity is to stand Solidarity

By Elizabeth Hernandez


Dear 2017,
Get ready for change! We may have just kicked off the year with a new president, but we have not forgotten 2016 and at the start of the new year. Dominating events have always been an aspect of zeitgeist. This is where it will define the spirit and mood of this time demonstrated by the current ideas and beliefs. We are going to take a look at some recent dominating events that have already started revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Women from all over the world marched555 in solidarity recently to make their voices heard and to promote awareness of women’s issues. From Washington, DC to Paris to Iceland, the world stood together on January 19, 2017. About 2.6 million people from all walks of life participated, including celebrities like the iconic Madonna to a catholic nun all to demonstrate unity in the demand for equal civil rights for all women. They were other issues of the day too-protesting against Islamophobia, xenophobia, white supremacy, sexism, racism, and misogyny. A sense of unity was celebrated by the thousands of women who wore pink knit beanies and shirts that said slogans like “torch the bra” as symbols of women who fight back and are not going hold back their feelings anymore.
Remember BREXIT? Well that is how the safety pin movement was born Wearers of safety pins demonstrated their support for those affect222ed by oppression in the U.K. and make it known they were an allies to these groups. Here in the U.S., the safety pin has made its way to the red carpet through Kerry Washington, who wore it to demonstrate solidarity among those who feel unsafe, such as Latinos, Muslims, African Americans women, LGBT community, and refugees. She’s among the first celebrities to wear a safety pin, and has paved the way for others to join this display of unity.

Another movement that has received a great deal of media attention is the Black Lives Matter movement, which is an activist group dedicated to fighting against violence and systemic racism toward black peopl111e. Way back in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s murder, this movement emerged in response to the injustice of these crimes, and since then its voice has been powerful to the country. The movement had su
ch a powerful impact on people that fashion designer Pyer Moss’ Fall 2016 collection took a stand on the runway by showing names written in what appeared to be blood splatters on coats and shoes with the names of the victims. What a way to make a statement and stand in solidarity!
If you want your style to i444dentify you as someone who stands with so many others who want to show their rage against the system, the human rights movements are inspiring some of the newest and coolest fashion trends. Keep an eye out for #blacklivesmatter T-shirts and even more catchy slogan t-shirts supporting the women’s movement that will fight back. Also, join the rest of the women as pink becomes the new black. Lastly, get creative with your safety pins the bigger the better, the more hardware the more aware people see what you stand for!



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Glam More

By Meredith Henson


In this day in age, less is more, right? Wrong. A return to maximalism is the latest fashion of the times. The recent election has changed the way people view conspicuous consumption, which is spending in excess on luxury goods that aren’t necessary, but are to show wealth.  According to the New York Times, it will become routine for women and men to spend tremendous amounts of money on the newest clothing and accessories, leave the country for w555eeks at a time, to indulge their love of travel, and attend glamorous parties (Frank). Having and flaunting excess amounts of wealth will be admired from the Oval Office on down.

A perfect example of maximalism from back in the day is Texas supermodel Jerry Hall. Hall was the ultimate IT girl in her time. She was constantly busy modeling in Paris or New York, and partying at Studio 54 every night with legendary people (Moyer). This small town Texas girl had no problem making it in the big leagues, and her relationship with Mick Jagger only increased her popularity. Hall embodies the Zeitgeist, which represents the ideals and beliefs at any given time, for Fall/Winter 2019 by exuding a sense of power and femininity that inspired women around her.

Diana Ross also lived an extremely glamorous and posh life during the 60s and111 70s. As the Queen of Motown, Ross could always be seen in extravagant accessories paired with silk gowns, which were classic to the disco era.  The Supremes became v
ery famous relatively fast, but there was trouble in paradise. Diana was known as the best singer in the Supremes, but to her co singers she was known as a pushy leader (Simon & Shuster). Although there was drama, The Supremes still remain as one of the best female bands in history.

To top off the list of glamorous people, Princess Diana was the true definition of a classy woman. She dres222sed in an elegant manner that showed off her exquisite taste, and more importantly, her wealth. She had a confidence about her that stood out, and is still an inspiration to many. When we think back on Princess Diana, we can remember how much she loved her people, and she showed that by giving back to the community through charity work (Historpedia). England has been under the radar recently thanks to Brexit. The pound has significantly dropped in worth, and people are swarming to shop in this new economy. Along with Brexit, new TV shows are catching viewers’ attention, such as The Crown and The Royals.

So, the maximalist styles are back in full swing, but how can you incorporate these styles into your current wardrobe? Easy, just add some pizzazz with more accessories, velvet and silk pieces, and big bold hair and makeup to top off the look. This may seem excessive, but it is a style to have fun with! Gone are the days of boring black and white closets, now you are free to explore and wear whatever your heart desires.








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The Style File


By Paige Cooper

333  555Today’s trendsetters aren’t the first to rock their looks, since contemporary style represents an evolution of fashion that was originally worn by previous style icons ranging from socialites, models and artists. These influencers are remembered for their deliberate-yet-effortless style and lasting influence. These icons have provided current designers, artists, bloggers, and trendsetters with an endless source of inspiration.

Long before Kate Moss, there was the original IT girl, Edie Sedgwick. She certainly
defined what it meant to have that good-girl-gone-bad aesthetic. She was known for her style, beauty, warmth and even troubled personal life. The essential ingredients behind her distinct style included her trademark eyeliner, mini mod dresses with sheer black tights, platinum blond111e pixie haircut and chandelier earrings. She was the leading starlet as Andy Warhol’s Youthquake muse, undeniably an icon in the 60s for her sharp, eccentric style.

For years, there was an era of voluptuous models until Jean Shrimpton came into the picture. As the face of “Swinging London” and its new mod scene, she brought the fashion world to a halt. This leggy British brunette broke the mold of modeling with her slender frame and understated style. Credited for popularizing the mini skirt in the 1960s, she paved the way for subdued colors and minimal design in fashion. On the opposite side of the spectrum was Diana Ross. Ross was unapologetically herself with her bold, embellished looks and her sultry silhouettes and plunging necklines. She certainly had no problem taking risks. She broke the mold for many African-American women to embrace their natural hair. In a way, she started to diminish any gender boarders through her unashamed wardrobe of men’s suits. Jean Shrim222pton and Diana Ross may not have had the same taste in fashion, but one thing was for certain: they were never afraid to break through the old standards of fashion and keep us moving forward.
No icon list would be complete without one of the greatest beauty and fashion muses to ever exist: Twiggy. She rose to fame with her thick eyelashes, mini skirts, shift dresses, and like Edie Sedgwick, a boyish pixie haircut. Instantly recognizable, she became the face of a decade over night with her doll-like style that has continued to make waves in fashion. She introduced an entirely fresh new look to the fashion industry and has
continued a lasting appeal with her iconic style.

444           It is safe to say that the 1960s was one of the dominating decades for the fashion world. Each of these icons has contributed their own signature style as an infinite source of inspiration that you too can incorporate into your own wardrobe. Maybe it’s time to try out one of those mini mod dresses with a pair of black tights. Or perhaps you’re ready to try a pixie hairdo and in need of some eyeliner to spice up your look. Just remember, behind every beauty trick and style trend that comes your way, there was a style icon that rocked it first.





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By Serra John


Oh 2016, what a year. We’ve lost and gained so much in this time. From the death of icon David Bowie at the start of it to Donald Trump being named President-elect at the end, we’ve experienced a reboot of civil rights protests and other cultural phenomenon 21st century style. 2016 has left quite a colorful impression on this world, As we move forward, in our lives and in our trends, it may seem that we are moving into a time warp. The next few years will mirror a time when culture expanded, and change was the only constant; the 60s. Life was as vivid as the psychedelic colors they wore.

In 2019, old will become new again and we will see a resurgence of retro colors. Inspired by the style of London’s Mods, there will be yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks. There will even be hints of green, purple, brown, blue, and grey as complements or accents. Edie Sedgwick was an heiress and member of Andy Warhol’s Factory that effortlessly charmed musicians and other Superstars with her colorful outfits in the 60s. Alongside her good friend, Andy Warhol, they gave us a wonderful gift of art through fashion and her movies.

Another cool chic from the swinging 60s is Jean Shrimpton. Considered one of the first supermodels, she was the embodiment of the Mod look of London. Our diverse color palette, will come in a less saturated tone or hue to capture that minimalism we adore so much. Similar to Jean Shrimpton, simplicity is key to stellar outfits and so many of these jewel tones will be paired with neutrals as well to create balance. Where you might see a Peacock Green trouser, there will be a Misty Mauve sweater somewhere near.

We’ve got time for one last 60s flashback icon: Twiggy. With her thick lashes and boyish cut, she represents the 60s in London. She was often seen in yellows and pinks with her intriguing shift dressed and flats. Working closely with Mary Quant, they launched “The Chelsea Look”, which had almost every girl of that decade rocking The Mini. Twiggy was another icon that revered simplicity alongside such vivid colors to produce a whimsical and fashionable look.

If you ever think the world is a crazy place, just remember we’ve been through this all before: the 60s was a time of chaos and confusion, but it led to some of the most forward-thinking fashion the world has ever seen, and those looks are as relevant today as they were then. How can you incorporated the signature styles of our three icons? Easy. Channel your inner Jean Shrimpton with a mustard a line skirt, paired with a black and white striped sweater. If you’re going for a Twiggy look, try a pink shift dress along with pointed leopard flats. Draw yourself a serious cat eye, and grab a funky accessory such as a green herringbone clutch to top it all off. So move those all black outfits to the side and color yourself crazy, you just might be the next icon.


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Time to Make a Rebel-ation


By Rita Forrest


Is there one place where you truly fit in, where you can dress and act how you want without anyone passing judgment? Many people today join their own style tribes to express how they feel in an outwardly fashion. Style tribes wear clothing and body adornment to express their values and beliefs in a different way from popular culture. Their style choices are a way to stand out from the crowd, identify one another and rebel against mainstream society.

111 The Goth subculture started as a revolution in Britain against the economic downturn of the 1970s. The group was inspired by Gothic literature and a need to rise against dominant society. Goths are like the angsty teenagers of the world, boldly displaying their dank attitude with black clothing, leather products, and silver chain accessories. Many wear distressed t-shirts and black combat boots in resistance of the cookie-cutter way of life.  444

An offshoot of the Goth movement is the Gothic Lolita subculture, which started in Japan. The Lolita lifestyle highlights values of femininity and modesty by wearing Victorian-inspired clothing such as ruffled petticoats and lace. Popularity of this subculture rose due to a disagreement with the male-dominated world and women dressed in an overly feminine way to assert their own power. Gothic Lolitas combined the feminine dress of Lolita with the unconventional clothing of the gothic style. This style tribe poses the question “why not be defiant and feminine at the same time”?

Punk also first emerged as a rebellion in 1970s London, but this time the group was a backlash against the hippie culture.  British youth identified with urban street culture that dressed outside the box of mainstream fashion. The look consisted of dark, tight jeans and body decorations such as tattoos and piercings. All members usually held a little bit of hate, anger, and sweat to go along with their fashion. The style tribe developed into the distressed punks we know today with ripped jeans, mohawks, and faded  The idea of futuristic punk morphed into the tribe of Steampunk, which displays values and beliefs in a dystopian society. Steampunk clothing is usually handmade (also known as “DIY” for do-it-yourself) by the wearer. The clothing is designed to show the invention, creativity, and gadgetry of daily life. This tribe keeps the messiness and attitude of punk rebellion, but adds an element of creativity and futuristic ideology with tailored jackets, motorcycle gloves, and goggles.

Rebellion comes in many forms, and today’s fashion incorporates many of these tribes’ signature styles, such as leather goods, dark makeup, and black lace and boots. We all have a rebellious streak and by putting on some black lipstick or wearing that ripped tee, we are just showing off our carefree attitude to the world. So next time you get ready for a night on the town, or even a trip to the store, be bold and defy social norms by adding a little bit of nonconformity into your outfit.





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Suit Yourself

By Gabriella Blunsen

222Nowadays if you see a man in a suit it can only mean two things; he’s coming from work or has an important event. If you ask any girl what a man looks best in I guarantee you the response will most likely be “in a suit”. A suit reflects power, importance and elegance, so why don’t more guys wear them? It’s our loss, but we’ll always have films. Movies are the best way to reflect the fashion of a certain time period; whether it be classical three piece suits, an iconic look that creates a new lifestyle brand or introducing people to a new style of suiting, movies have paved the way for the evolution of suits.


The Thomas Crown Affair set the style of the 60333s not only because of its leading star, Steve McQueen, but because it perfectly fused business and leisure looks for men. The lead actor is always clean cut and well put together whether he’s playing golf, relaxing or robbing a bank. He can be seen in classic three pieces suits during the day, even if he is not working, shocking, I know. His athletic clothing, which consists of quarter zip sweaters and perfectly pressed trousers, is considered “dressed up” in our day and age. Steve McQueen’s style is what every girl dreams to see her boyfriend wearing while on a date.

111When most people hear the term gigolo they don’t automatically think classy or elegant, but the movie American Gigolo definitely puts up a good fight. Richard Gere is stunning all on his own, but add a spectacular Armani wardrobe and you’ve got the perfect match. The deconstructed cuts of Armani suits and trousers made in different colours and flowing fabrics helped revive the suit. This movie also helped the Armani brand become what they are today. Just imagine packing your suitcase with all Armani. Flashing the brand onscreen as obviously they did, really helped Armani create the lifestyle brand that is still popular today. Even though his profession wasn’t exactly ideal, Richard Gere and Armani made it look pretty good.

555Numbers, money and the stock exchange are usually the first things that pop into your mind when you think of Wall Street, but what most people don’t realize is that it is also where some of the chicest trends have begun. I mean if you had all that money who wouldn’t spend it on clothes? The movie Wall Street made popular the stripped shirt with a white collar, also known as the Gekko shirt, which has been in style ever since. Power suits and red ties dominated the wardrobe as the characters fought for dominance in the stock room.

Suits elude power, elegance and help define a sophisticated man. They get their cue from the environment around them and can influence the time period. Movies help create classic styles as well as help reinvent something as simple as a shirt or a cut. Plus, who wouldn’t want casually wearing suits to make a comeback?


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Retail Detail

By Dorre Speer


Does hearing the term “three’s a trend” ring a bell? If so, what does it exactly does it entail? Trends are all around us, and the same trend often appears in more than one product category. In the fashion industry, if a trend shows up in at least three different product categories, it’s probably going to be a hit! Let’s look at some rising trends.

Taking a look at New555 York Fashion Week (or NYFW, for those in the know) for Fall/Winter 2016, it is evident that metallic colors such as gold, bronze, copper, and silver are big upcoming trends for the season. Gigi Hadid rocked a metallic gold midi-dress when walking in the Tommy Hilfiger show while skirts, dresses, tops, and pants with a metallic sheen or details were seen in other top designers’ shows such as Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabanna, Fendi, Tory Burch, and Saint Laurent.  However, this trend isn’t sticking to just apparel! Metallics have been popping up in other product categories such as jewelry, kitchen appliances, cars, nail polish, and in cosmetics as metallic eye shadows and lipsticks.

          111Fringe was the biggest trend at spring 2016 NYFW and this decorative detail is used on handbags, earrings, shoes, dresses, and jackets by designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Alexander Wang. Fringe is also being seen in home décor like decorative pillows. Tassels are in! We have seen tassel necklaces and earrings but this trend has extended into apparel wit222h sweaters and shorts, tassel sandals and high heels, key chains, and once again, in pillows. When any color or detail shows up on decorative pillows, you KNOW it’s a stinkin’ trend! Studs are also emerging as an embellishment trend and have been found on shoes for fall 2016 including those by COACH and Burberry. Studs are also found in apparel that you can incorporate into your wardrobe such as leather jackets and accessories like handbags and sunglasses.
333   The ‘back to nature’ trend first consists of  neutral colors such as blush or beige that are found in bedding and on blankets, scarves, and sweaters for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2016-2017 season. Raffia fabric is a material that is trending and can be found on beach bags and oversized sun hats. This material made its way to the runways in spring 2016 when it was shown in vests and pants, colored cover-ups, and even a trench coat. It also made its presence as the “wicker” look was 444seen in a Dolce and Gabanna handbag in Spring 2016, and here we go again….in decorative pillows! (Psst…it’s a trend!) Marble is a natural compound and marble patterns have recently been found in different product categories such as men’s shoes, phone cases, laptop covers, and even party balloons.

Taking all that we now know about trends and how they appear in different areas of our everyday life, take a look at the variety of items that you have been recently interested in. Are they “tending to be trending” and how do they relate to each other?!









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