September Issue – Fall/Winter Trends

By Kimberly Hackler

Need some help staying on trend this fall? Luckily, I have three great trends that are sure to update your closet and help you stay fresh this season. You’re guaranteed to turn heads with these fabulous styles, from shocking pastels to punk-rock spikey accessories. With a little help from us here at Lucky, you’ll be the talk of the town, rocking the latest fashions before anyone else.Pastels

The first trend is the unexpected pastel presence. Pinks, baby blues, pale yellows, and creams were seen all over the fall RTW runway collections. They were seen mainly in the form of coats, but also in jackets, skirts, and sweaters. Seems a little odd to pair pastels with our usual drab winter colors doesn’t it? Well, it turns out that pastels are the new neutrals, and we are to pair them with simple black and white pieces. Pastels are said to be more flattering than brights, so wear them closer to the face with darker colors on the bottom. This unexpected trend will make you the chicest girl around. Find more examples of this trend in “How to Pull Off Pastels.”

Secondly, we’ve been seeing tons of spikes to go along with the well-established motorcycle trend. However, we are now seeing a dominance of spikes in several accessories. A spikedNecklace2 necklace is a great way to complete a motorcycle look, or even to simply add a little edginess to a feminine look. Either way, these funky spikes are here to stay so get on board with this glam-punk trend. Find more about these necklaces in the “25 Street Style Stars – And Why We Love Them” article.

The last big trend this fall will be over-the-knee boots. Don’t worry, your knee-highs are still in style, but we’ve been seeing more and more of those chic over-the-knee boots that everyone’s been raving about since they were seen on Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. Get them tall and wear them with a Bootsshort skirt for a night out, or buy them flat and wear them with skinny jeans and a comfy sweater. Either way, give your knee-highs a break and grab a pair of these fun, chic boots while you still can.

 Overall, I think the trends for fall are moving in a great direction. You’ve got feminine flares with the pastels, edginess in the spiked necklaces and a high-fashion feel with the over-the-knee boots. These trends can all be worn a number of different ways, which means now it’s your turn to get creative and add your own personal style each. Goodbye summer, hello fall 2013!

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Are you there Christian? It’s me, Oscar!

By Preston Blackburn

“Embrace your past, but live for now.” And that is the resounding sentiment of 2013 fall Newlookfashions.  Designers borrowing from the late Christian Dior’s New Look, the reemergence of bold plaid, and the whimsical nature of dark floral all have shown their faces throughout the years. However, they each have been given new life with a beat so pulsating one has to be dead to not notice. Fashion never fails to ignite and as these trends sweep over our nation, “hide ya kids, hide ya’ wives and hide ya’ husbands” because these fall trends are taking no prisoners.

After World War II, the New Look trend created by Christian Dior was a breath of fresh air for the women who had to sacrifice fashion due to the war. With a more womanly silhouette, we began to see women embrace their curves and flaunt their personal style. As time progressed, the New Look fell in and out of fashion however, the trend was never lost. Now, Calvin Klein, Oscar De La Renta, and Porsche Designs have all taken nods from the still existent fashion house within their 2013 fall collections.  Volume has never looked so good and these designers have taken this trend to heights we’ve never seen before.


Along with the New Look, plaid is definitely taking over this season. Designers such as Prada, Stella McCartney, and Louis Vuitton have all incorporated the in-your-face trend in an array of coats, collar shirts and accessories. Extremely common in menswear, plaid has taken many forms within women’s sportswear and outerwear.  With plaid being used as a soft accent or as a polarizing eye catcher, this trend is picking up speed and becoming more of a staple in women’s closets. I had a teacher once tell me that a pair of plaid pants would never look good, but I’m excited to say, “oh how wrong she was.”

What’s a little autumn without fall floral? Romantic floral patterns have been used veryFloral frequently in the past few years, however this season; floral prints are looking a bit more awkward. Though Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, and Vera Wang decided to include floral prints within their collections, the floral designs edge closer to feeling dark and mysterious, rather than light and airy. Deep reds and dynamic black and white contrasts filter throughout their collections and give their floral prints a more haunting feel.  Flowers are no longer just for Spring and happy occasions, we’re witnessing a shift from lightness to a chilling overcast.

The New Look, plaid, and floral prints are ultimately nothing that we’ve never seen before. Consequently, this season, designers are no longer playing by the rules. As we move forward in our understanding of fashion, the old rules are no longer valid. Crossing lines and challenging everything is our only chance to keep up, because I promise you what makes sense today will be merely a corpse of an idea tomorrow.


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In Vogue for Spring

By Claire MajorImage

This week I dove into Anna Wintour’s spring fashion bible, the March issue of Vogue in search of 2013’s hottest trends. The March issue is the second largest next to the September and feels like more of an encyclopedia than a magazine. I have thoroughly studied all 618 pages so you don’t have to and found three trends everyone should know about for the upcoming year.

The most evident trend in the March issue is a springtime standard: floral. I know, I know, “Floral…for spring. Groundbreaking.” Before you go all Miranda Priestly me, hear me out. In an abundance of floral prints, I found many instances of the trend done differently. ImageFlowers with texture through some kind of fabrication like fabric manipulation or beading. I like to call this sub-trend “eccentric floral.” Chanel showed some otherwise plain dresses adorned with raised, beaded flowers, like this one worn by Elle-you’re never too young for Chanel-Fanning. Erdem made a particularly quirky dress covered with flower appliqués. Image

This trend has crossed over to accessories. Just look at this Oscar de la Renta rose necklace. Overall the eccentric floral style looks youthful, but the trend is for all ages.

Another trend worthy of remark is laser-cut leather, leather that has had a design cut out, leaving open spaces in the hide.


This breathable trend was all over the Spring 2013 runways, in collections such as Proenza Schouler, Roberto Cavalli, and Giles. One of my favorite looks was this laser-cut houndstooth trench by Sportmax. Ahead of the game, Valentino created this dress with amazing red, laser-cut leather for their Fall 2012 RTW collection.This trend doesn’t come cheap—this dress can be yours for a mere $9,800. While laser-cut leather bags have recently appeared in the scene, the trend started several years ago with shoes. The trend of laser-cut apparel will probably be adopted by the young, as leather is an edgy textile.Image

The last trend I found is springtime fur. A strange choice for the warmer seasons, Prada, Fendi, Saint Laurent, and Versache showed looks with fur as the main feature. The furs are heavily dyed and embellished. Most tried to make a heavy textile look warm-weather appropriate, however Saint Laurent showed a long sleeved, ankle-length version, which seems like Hedi Slemane admitting to us that he doesn’t expect us to us to adopt this trend anyway. Fur is found in spring accessories by Celine, J Mendel, and Prada. Because fur is already daring (the constant fear of the activists’ red paint), only the most dedicated fashionistas will adopt this trend due to its impracticality, high cost, and risk.Image

Different as they may seem, these three trends have a few things in common. They are all a new take on a classic. They are also more difficult to adopt than your average fashion trend, due to higher complexity, which leads to higher cost. All of the trends are also seen in apparel and accessories. Overall, it seems embellishment and fantasy win over minimalism and functionality this spring.

Want to be in vogue this spring? Find out more about the trends here:

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