We All Scream for Ice Cream…Or Just Debbie Harry

By: Alicia Drever

When people think of punk singers and their sense of style, most probably envision only 2 colors: black white. On the contrary, Blondie’s lead singer Debbie Harry’s clothing color wheel is so much more than that. She wears dark, rich cranberry reds, charcoal greys, dark blues, gold and even cream! Even though Debbie Harry has worn her fair share of prints and textures, she has created quite a variety of colors amongst her wardrobe.Picture3

“If your love was as sweet as mine” sets the vibe with a bold and edgy cranberry red hue representing the depth of her love. Charcoal grey gives off a cooler tone, which corresponds, to Harry singing about going out without her guy. Of course the dark blue gives off a more sad yet dominant shade. She is “blue” about her guy being seen with another girl…even Debbie is only human, right?! The gold and cream colors are great neutrals, which perfectly complement the three main colors. They represent softness and how she is the ultimate “Sunday girl”. These colors embody Debbie’s daring and confident side, as well as her soft, gentle side.Picture2

Cranberry red can be used in a variety of ways throughout your life whether it’s in shoes, apparel or even housewares. Picture1Harry loves to sport red lips, too. It’s such a bold color that brings attention to itself. In terms of color, it is the Queen Bey of hues. I don’t know about you, but when I think of charcoal grey, I think of a cool, ‘IDGAF’ attitude. From a grey top to a smoky eye, this color is all about being urban, like Harry’s punk roots. In fact, the smoky eye is one of the things that make her face pop. It draws the attention away from her hair and draws the eye to her face. One of the main colors in Debbie Harry’s wardrobe is blue. Not only does she wear all different shades of blue, she sings about the color as well. She has even been spotted wearing bright blue eye Picture4shadow! The darker blues make her look more intense and really makes her platinum blonde hair stick out. I think it’s safe to say that blue is one of her favorite colors. As punk as Debbie Harry was and is, she paired cream with many of her outfits. She would casually throw on a cream blazer, spaghetti strap dress or even cream-colored shoes to soften up a look. Another great neutral she sporPicture5ted was gold. From gold jewelry and belts to her straight locks, she wore it well. I mean, those gold locks and bangs are her signature look. She would not be Debbie Harry without them.

Now I think we can all rest assured and agree that this color story makes it so simple for us to channel our inner Debbie Harry at any given time. Whether we want to bold and spontaneous or have a simpler look paired with neutrals, it can be done! So next time you are thinking about putting together an edgy yet soft look, think to yourself WWDHD…What would Debbie Harry Do?


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Passport To Fashion

By: Kryssy Duran

Whether it’s a beautiful belt, that great fitting dress, or a favorite pair of shoes, we all have items from our closet that we absolutely adore. Much of the clothing in our closets has a rich history with design elements that can often be traced back to different foreign countries. These days the world truly is a melting pot as technology and social media bring us closer and closer together. Gone are the days where fashion is about blending in and sticking to one style-these days it’s the more the merrier. T3here is no better way to be able to celebrate cultural influences than through your wardrobe. Not sure how to bring in fashions from far places to your own closet? Listen up Jetsetters, it’s time for takeoff.

First, let’s travel to the beautiful and brisk, Russia. Russian clothing is full of wonderfully ornate outerwear to combat the cold temperature. Cloaks, coats, and capes are perfect ways for locals to keep warm and express their style sense at the same time. Traditionally, this country has been characterized by4 strong statement belts which make it very distinguishable. More recently, thick furs and headscarves have become popular additions to everyday street fashion. You may have seen elements of Russian garb in movies such as Star Wars (just check out what Queen Amidala wears). Design houses like Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen are all showing inspiration from Russian clothing as well.

                If you see minimalist clothing, an achromatic color scheme, and fashion-forward dressing then you guessed it, you’re in Sweden. Sweden’s style is very simplistic with easy-to-wear pieces that come together to create chic looks.Scandinavian countries are known for their minimalism-we can see this both in the deep gray and black shades prevalent in street fashion as well as the loose almost androgynous looks that have become common place. Heavy draped scarves, boots, and oversized sweaters and coats2 are also key elements of Swedish style. Not only is this country’s influence being seen on the runways, but in home décor as well. Sweden’s very own IKEA has spread worldwide and brought its interior design components to homes a5ll over the world.

                Next stop, Spain, which is known for its vibrant colors, delicate lace detailing, and beaded embcoloeroidery. A vast amount of traditional clothing is still used for ceremonies and events, this allows wearers to incorporate their own variations of the looks. Flamenco dancers are known for wearing manila shawls with full, ruffled skirts and beaded or flowered jewels in their hair. Famous Spanish looks for men include bullfighting tailored jackets and cordobes sombreros. Jean Paul Gaultier has taken notice of this elaborate culture and both he and Dolce and Gabbana have recently shown Spanish-inspired collections.

So the next time you’re out shopping think twice about what countries had influence on that dresses design. The truth is you could be in an outfit inspired by one country while living in another–you just don’t know it yet!


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All Roads Lead to a Trend

By: Emily Strange

Trends are born from all different aspects of society; however, there are four outlets – political, economic, sociocultural and technological – that help us to forecast trends. The process of using them to look at society is called the P.E.S.T Picture1analysis. Political influences that flood the news today can cause a massive trend to form, while the economy can stir the pot by influencing consumers’ spending habits. Sociocultural indicators may impact new fashion ideas and the rapidly developing technology the world is experiencing is definitely a major trend indicator. Let’s look at each in more detail.

Let’s start with politics, you’ve got to love them. They can bring about some serious trends, even in unexpected ways. Recently, the legalization of marijuana has received support from various retailers, as the marijuana leaf is being printed on t-shirts, Picture3key-chains, bumper stickers, and other items. The public accepted this legalization, and felt the need to show it by producing marijuana symbols on items everywhere.

The economy is a driving force in society that controls how we all spend our money. Gas prices have plummeted, and this is giving consumers a reason to smile. What can you do with all the extra money that would have gone straight into your gas tank? Buy the next cool trend, of course! Since gas prices are down, consumers now have the purchasing power to try out that new denim jacket they saw in the store window. Trends can spread quicker when we can all put that extra gas money back into our pockets.

Today, physical fitness is a trend that everyone’s following. It makes us feel good about our appearance, and can help us improve our health.Picture2 The Paleo diet is a program that has come about that helps with weight loss and maintaining a healthy living. Trendy diets make their appearance in T.V, blogs, and other social media faces, then everyone adopts them, and the next one steps up in line. Is fitness truly about health, or is it about what everyone else is doing?

Technology and fashion are colliding in the form of the Apple Watch. Picture4The new watch, set to hit stores, comes in many different looks for all of the activities in life. For example, there is a version for working out. The trend of “pretty technology” may be one that sticks around, forcing us into purchasing the most modern gadgets.

There you have it, the four roads that trends can choose to take. It’s up to us to guide them down the most successful one, because one wrong turn could have it leading to a dead end. Trends can change the way we think about fashion, and where they come from can make even more of an impact on our opinions of them.

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Clothes Speak Louder Than Words

By: Sarah Swisher

Do you want everyone to know what you believe? Do you want to feel free to wear what you want without judgment? 2015 is the year to do that. People want it to be known what they believe and show that they strive for same ideals as everyone else.
Equality is an ideal that is being demanded and highly vocaPicture1lized. More than thirty states have legalized same sex marriage to date, which demonstrates this topic is an ideal that people are getting behind. Since it is a highly personal ideal, it is a big trend for individuals to wear clothing that shows support and lets people know where they stand. You will see items of clothing with a rainbow on it representing the rainbow flag that stands for gay pride. Bright colors are being worn because of the popularity of the support of gay pride. Not only is the equality ideal inspiring people to wear their cause, but people are feeling more accepted, which may encourage them to choose bolder fashions without the fear of being judged.
With America moving towards more equality for all, people are feeling more pride in their country. Patriotism is an ideal that is not new but is still going strong. Patriotism, kick-started in 2001 after the attack on the WorldPicture3 Trade Center, pride for your country is a trend that has stuck around. With the release of American Sniper this year, people want to show their patriotism. With this growing ideal red, white, and blue will be sticking around. It won’t be hard to find a shirt or shorts that sport stars and stripes. With more products being made in the US (a trend known as “reshoring”), patriotism is a trend that is here to stay.
Along with dressing for what they believe people also want to dress for how they feel. With living healthy becoming a new obsession in America, people want to dress in a way that makes them feel athletic aPicture2nd healthy. People are no longer satisfied with just working out; they want everyone to know they do as well. Active wear can be found everywhere and even luxury brands have teamed upwith sports brands to create active wear lines. Walking down the street you see more yoga pants than you will jeans. Jeans are declining and people want a more comfortable look. People are also wearing accessories that help them keep track of their workout. You look around a runtitledoom and you will spot many wrists sporting a Fitbit. Consumer preference has switched over to comfort over design while still making people feel appealing and confident.
All of these trends relate to one another by showing that people no longer think it is enough to think something  you have to show it, or wear it. People are no longer just using their words to support an ideal, they want people to know what they believe without saying a single word.



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