Where School is Cool

By Lauren Crook

school1Spotted: Every “cool” person in Austin looking not so cool in their sweatpants and sweatshirts. The only trend that was happening for the first half of the day was the not so sexy just rolled out of bed look. I had to get a cappuccino to wake myself up after seeing so many sleepy people. However, after I finished waking myself back school2up it seemed that the rest of Austin was waking up too and heading south, down Congress Street. The senses are almost overwhelmed with the smells of food, the sounds of musicians and the sight of finally seeing all the cool people. I thought that Austin would just be filled with hipsters like I’m used to seeing at our local coffee shop every day, but I was really wrong. There are so many people in Austin that truly have anschool3 individual style. They aren’t trying to copy anyone or anything they have seen in a magazine, they are just doing their own thing. They often times don’t even realize that they look cool. The three girls who are rocking the knee high socks trend that I spotted didn’t even realize that they were cool, but they totally are. Who knew school girl high socks were the new thing?  You can wear them all different ways, you can make them look sweet and preppy, total rocker chick, or casual and relaxed. After seeing them I might have to pull out my socks from my school uniform and try it too.

Out with the Old and In with the New!

geriatricfootwear1By Whitney Hall

You do not need a retirement fund, senior citizen discount, or AARP membership to access the next hottest trend. Geriatric footwear is an oldie but goodie that Austinites are clamoring for. Skimpy stilettos and dainty ballet flats are a thing of the past, comfortable and clunky are where it’s at. 

geriatricfootwear2Unsure of where to find your pair of clunkers? Check out Easy Spirit for a pair of little tennis shoes or Naturalizer or Clark’s for a sturdy pair of Mary Jane’s. For a more economically friendly approach, simply raid a grandparents’ closet!

Careful not to get too carried away with the trend. Balance youth and age by pairing Mary Jane’s with sheer tight and a skirt or shortsgeriatricfootwear3 above the knee. Light, leather Easy Spirit tennis shoes pair well with jeans and a simple t-shirt and let you move through the supermarket with ease.

For you next shopping trip, just remember: out with the new and in with the old!