Clothes Speak Louder Than Words

By: Sarah Swisher

Do you want everyone to know what you believe? Do you want to feel free to wear what you want without judgment? 2015 is the year to do that. People want it to be known what they believe and show that they strive for same ideals as everyone else.
Equality is an ideal that is being demanded and highly vocaPicture1lized. More than thirty states have legalized same sex marriage to date, which demonstrates this topic is an ideal that people are getting behind. Since it is a highly personal ideal, it is a big trend for individuals to wear clothing that shows support and lets people know where they stand. You will see items of clothing with a rainbow on it representing the rainbow flag that stands for gay pride. Bright colors are being worn because of the popularity of the support of gay pride. Not only is the equality ideal inspiring people to wear their cause, but people are feeling more accepted, which may encourage them to choose bolder fashions without the fear of being judged.
With America moving towards more equality for all, people are feeling more pride in their country. Patriotism is an ideal that is not new but is still going strong. Patriotism, kick-started in 2001 after the attack on the WorldPicture3 Trade Center, pride for your country is a trend that has stuck around. With the release of American Sniper this year, people want to show their patriotism. With this growing ideal red, white, and blue will be sticking around. It won’t be hard to find a shirt or shorts that sport stars and stripes. With more products being made in the US (a trend known as “reshoring”), patriotism is a trend that is here to stay.
Along with dressing for what they believe people also want to dress for how they feel. With living healthy becoming a new obsession in America, people want to dress in a way that makes them feel athletic aPicture2nd healthy. People are no longer satisfied with just working out; they want everyone to know they do as well. Active wear can be found everywhere and even luxury brands have teamed upwith sports brands to create active wear lines. Walking down the street you see more yoga pants than you will jeans. Jeans are declining and people want a more comfortable look. People are also wearing accessories that help them keep track of their workout. You look around a runtitledoom and you will spot many wrists sporting a Fitbit. Consumer preference has switched over to comfort over design while still making people feel appealing and confident.
All of these trends relate to one another by showing that people no longer think it is enough to think something  you have to show it, or wear it. People are no longer just using their words to support an ideal, they want people to know what they believe without saying a single word.



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