Fanny Packs are Back

By Cheyenne Bryant

Move over wristlets, cell phone wallets, cross-bodies, and a ladies best friend: her boobsfannypack1. The new thing to store your favorite essential life items is the fanny pack. Upon rummaging the streets of Austin during one of the ACL weekends, fanny packs were everywhere and back with a vengeance. Men, women, kids, were all seen sporting the 80’s prime accessory.

After all the picture snapping that took place around Congress Street, fannypack2when I got home and began to edit the pictures, several different trends emerged instantly. Along with the fanny pack I spotted DIY floral headbands as a trend along with a longer crop top. The slim sliver of a midriff as opposed to the entire stomach being out is where that look is now heading.

fannypack3To go about my forecasting this trend, I decided to just flag pictures until I had 10 flagged of the coolest looking people. Then after reviewing the flagged people, I noticed 3 of the people had fanny packs, thus making them my Austin trend. Upon further examination, I noticed multiple people with a midriff too, but I liked the fanny pack more.

Going to Austin was great and most people were great about letting me take their pictures, with a few exceptions of course. I personally hope this trend is a fad because I am not the biggest fan of a fanny pack.