Pretty Baby, You Look So Edgy

By: Dannielle Davis

What do you think of when it comes to Debbie Harry’s iconic style? Perhaps what immediately comes to mind are monochromatic looks, denim, and stripes. Are you kidding me? Dig a little bit deeper, Debbie Harry is so much more than that. She has the power to wear all types of different prints and fabrications and look absolutely divine without any criticism. She truly is a style chameleon. Not just anyone can pull it off, but if you’re Debbie Harry, you surely can.Picture5

Debbie’s aura of punk style can clearly be seen through such fabrics as alluring velvet, classic leather, and delicate chiffon. Although these fabrics are all very different from one another in the hand and weight of the fabric, they come together when exemplified by Debbie Harry. A soft and more feminine side can be shown when wearing a nice hue ofPicture2 cranberry velvet pants or leggings. A tougher side can be portrayed when charcoal grey leather pants, boots, or a jacket is worn. And, you can be edgy, feminine, and slightly sexy in a sheer chiffon top paired with a bralette showing a little bit of skin but not exposing too much. An unexpected leather dress is also an unexpected mix of edgy and femininity. None of these fabrics can go wrong if you’re trying to channel Debbie in your wardrobe. She is the perfect example of versatility. So Picture3keep them guessing and wanting more from your style, instead of sticking to monotonous textiles and prints. Not only could she pull off three completely different types of fabrics, she can also adore her fans and fashionistas in an array of prints. From abstract paint blotch patterns to organic lines and to a variety of animal prints, such as leopard, zebra, tiger, and giraffe, she truly has an eye for understated fashion. Printed jumpsuits, dresses, tops, and jackets are necessities in your wardrobe. You may find these prints to be a little out there and maybe hard to wear, but paired with the right fabrics and an ‘IDGAF’ attitude, you can’t go wrong. Not only do these prints draw attention to the eye, but they also give the illusion of added texture to each ensemble. With the illusion of texture in prints and wearing fabulous fabrics, you are surPicture1e to be the envy of all your friends.

Picture4These prints and fabrications aren’t off limits exclusively to Debbie, you too can channel Debbie in your wardrobe. With the comeback of 70’s fashion in today’s market, velvet, leather, chiffon, animal, and abstract prints are all the rage. This tough, yet, pretty girl knows exactly how to stick with her edge, but allowing her toughness to remain pretty through the combination of fabrics and prints that one my not always imagine go together and completely owning it. You too can be a style chameleon. So, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, have that ‘IDGAF’ attitude, and be that edgy pretty girl you know you are deep down inside. There’s a Debbie in all of us.


Debbie Harry Leopard Print Dress:

Debbie Harry Chiffon Top and Leather Pants:

Debbie Harry Yellow Abstract Print Jacket:

Velvet Leggings:

Paint Splatter Skirt:

Call on Sunday

By: Rebecca Beskow

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Sunday’? Do you think about the day of the week that we use to get ready for a grueling work week ahead? Or of an ice cream sundae? What do both of these have in common you may ask. Well my friends, it is Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie.Picture5

The punk scene in New York was drastically changed by the group Blondie and their lead singer Debbie Harry. Her style and catchy voice created a dark yet playful mood that fascinated people. With songs like “Heart of Glass” and “Call me”, Blondie has shown their versatility of upbeat and girly to sultry and tough.

The lyrics “cold as ice cream but still as sweet” Picture2from the Blondie song, “Sunday Girl”, speak of a girl that is sweet, but with an edge. She is fierce but gentle, with an effortless, feminine flare. With her wild blonde hair, smoky eyes, and accents of color and patterns, Debbie Harry is this girl. Along with the cool girl chic look, her two toned hair throws a wild twist on the Sunday girl — there is a sense of danger on bottom and angelic platinum blonde flowing on top. And for the past 40 years Harry has rocked the signature style that she started in the 1970s. Blondie has influenced generations of people and inspired them to embrace their own punk, new wave rocker style.

A modern day Sunday girl that embodies the juxtaposition of glamour and punk is the model-turned college student Cara Delevingne. Picture4Her quirky girly style embodies the sweet Sunday girl mood through her flirty skirts and smorgasbord of prints. Cara incorporates Harry’s style with her smoky eyes, bold eyebrows, and effortlessly cool ensembles. When Cara is rocking a casual fitted tee, ripped denim, and a sprinkle of pink on her lips, it is a homage to our muse, Debbie Harry. Another woman who epitomizes the cool girl chic style of the Sunday girl is singer Rita Ora. She uses prints and colors to show her fun feminine mood. Ora also channels her inner Harry when she teases her hair, splashes on a little plum lipstick, and a simple black top.Picture3

The Sunday girl also has major versatility. She can mix and match stripes and polka dots just like Harry. Also she doesn’t care what people think, and goes with what styles she loves and then makes it her own. From colorful jumpsuits to a leather trench coach with matching hatPicture1, Harry rocked anything that was in-your-face and expressed who she was at the time.

So, with leopard print pants, leather top , and your smoky eye kit in hand you can become the sweet and sultry Sunday Girl. Style your hair into a carless tousle and add an edgy daring color hidden away or for all the world to see. Be that sweet sugary girl with an ice cold twist. Be a Sunday Girl.


Rita Ora: Rita Ora

Orange Debbie Harry:

Animal print:

Cara Delevingne:

Black and white Debbie harry:

Steam Hitting the Mainstream

By: Karly Hood

What do Twiggy, historic science fiction books, and young women in Japan dressing to look like Victorian dolls have in common?Picture3 No, this isn’t the beginning of some elaborate riddle; they all represent style tribes that have influenced mainstream culture. Style tribes are groups that adopt a specific look that is unique and distinctly different from the rest of the population. What binds these groups together could be mutual interests, beliefs, political movements, or just their desire to be different.

The vibrant Mod style is easily recognizable today, but it all began in the 1950s with a group of rebellious youth in Britain. The Mods wanted to break free from tradition by embracing anything youthful, sexy, and most importantly, modern. They flocked to bold colors, Picture7geometric prints, extremely short hemlines, and shift dresses. Carefree mods could be seen riding around town on Vespa motor scootersPicture5, going to clubs, and listening to jazz music. Their scooters served as both fashion accessory and the perfect mode of transportation to escape the oppressive adults. Cool girl Twiggy claims she was a Mod before she was a model and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look as adorably youthful as Twiggy was?

Speaking of adorably youthful, the Lolita style tribe is just that. Beginning in the 1980s, teenage girls in Japan began wearing Victorian-inspired clothing that resembles a child’s ensemble. Picture2What draws these young women to this fashion? Picture1Many just want to dress cute and elegant, but some have even gone so far as to adopt the “Lolita lifestyle,” which includes surrounding yourself with beautiful things and engaging in “proper female” hobbies such as sewing, baking, and embroidering. Rest assured though, Lolitas don’t bring out their over-the-top, frilly dresses everyday, but rather save them for times when they want to be noticed. And it would be impossible not to be noticed when dressed like this.

Like Lolitas, members of the Steampunk Picture9style tribe have an appreciation for Victorian style, but with a twist. The origin of this group comes from a subgenre of science fiction that is set in the Victorian or Old Western eras. This group particularly loves old technology because of the simplicity of how it functioned. Their passion for vintage technology and clothing from Steampunk literature converges to create a Victorian style of corsets and top hats mixed with metal goggles and pocket watches. True Steampunk members can even attend the Steampunk World’s Fair in New Jersey. What’s the easiest way to make a Steampunk member mad? Turn their beloved style mainstream. Justin Bieber thoroughly upset Steampunk members by basing his 2011 music video “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” off of Steampunk style.Picture6

I knoPicture8w what you’re thinking; surely none of these groups have ever affected MY style. Well have you ever worn a shift dress or a color blocked print? What about a corset type dress or knee high socks? Or even bought something vintage just for its charm? If that answer is yes, and I know it is, the Mods, Lolitas, and Steampunks have affected you.


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All Roads Lead to a Trend

By: Emily Strange

Trends are born from all different aspects of society; however, there are four outlets – political, economic, sociocultural and technological – that help us to forecast trends. The process of using them to look at society is called the P.E.S.T Picture1analysis. Political influences that flood the news today can cause a massive trend to form, while the economy can stir the pot by influencing consumers’ spending habits. Sociocultural indicators may impact new fashion ideas and the rapidly developing technology the world is experiencing is definitely a major trend indicator. Let’s look at each in more detail.

Let’s start with politics, you’ve got to love them. They can bring about some serious trends, even in unexpected ways. Recently, the legalization of marijuana has received support from various retailers, as the marijuana leaf is being printed on t-shirts, Picture3key-chains, bumper stickers, and other items. The public accepted this legalization, and felt the need to show it by producing marijuana symbols on items everywhere.

The economy is a driving force in society that controls how we all spend our money. Gas prices have plummeted, and this is giving consumers a reason to smile. What can you do with all the extra money that would have gone straight into your gas tank? Buy the next cool trend, of course! Since gas prices are down, consumers now have the purchasing power to try out that new denim jacket they saw in the store window. Trends can spread quicker when we can all put that extra gas money back into our pockets.

Today, physical fitness is a trend that everyone’s following. It makes us feel good about our appearance, and can help us improve our health.Picture2 The Paleo diet is a program that has come about that helps with weight loss and maintaining a healthy living. Trendy diets make their appearance in T.V, blogs, and other social media faces, then everyone adopts them, and the next one steps up in line. Is fitness truly about health, or is it about what everyone else is doing?

Technology and fashion are colliding in the form of the Apple Watch. Picture4The new watch, set to hit stores, comes in many different looks for all of the activities in life. For example, there is a version for working out. The trend of “pretty technology” may be one that sticks around, forcing us into purchasing the most modern gadgets.

There you have it, the four roads that trends can choose to take. It’s up to us to guide them down the most successful one, because one wrong turn could have it leading to a dead end. Trends can change the way we think about fashion, and where they come from can make even more of an impact on our opinions of them.

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Back To The Future

By: Rachel Weaver

Well folks, it’s 2015, the year that Marty McFly travelled to Picture3in the 1989 film Back To the Future: Part II. While we might not have flying cars or hovering skateboards like producer Steven Spielberg predicted, the developments in technology are nothing short of amazing, and these developments are changing life—and fashion—as we know it. Consumers are beginning to take advantage of conveniences like smartwatches, improved smartphone technology, and even automated cars.Picture6

The generation growing up with these technologies readily accessible wants things how they want them, and they want them now. Being able to create exactly the product you want is possible with 3D printing. This could take the fast fashion market to a whole new level if customers can design their own products quickly and easily. Amazon has shown that this is possible with the “maker movement,” which allows customers to design jewelry online before placing an order. Accessory trends might spread even faster, and an endless variety of styles could appear, each tailored to the specific taste of the wearer.

Picture2In the age of instant results, delivery systems will soon be benefiting from automated devices, like drones. Brick-and-mortar stores might become more obsolete if customers can have exactly what they want, quickly, and without ever having to leave their homes. When consumers do go somewhere, however, automated cars might be the vehicle of choice. The same automatic technology used to direct a car could improve product-manufacturing systems as well, making it easier to produce a larger quantity of products with minimal human effort.

With smartphone image-sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat, consumers can stay up to date with the lives of others. In addition, they can stay clued-in on the latest fashion trends when designers utilize these platforms as a marketing tool. These apps have been familiar for Picture4a while now, but what happens when the flat, 2D images on our Instagram screens turn into 3D, holographic projections? The details of the product, all three-hundred-and-sixty degrees of it, would be visible to the viewer.

Smartphones are also creating new frontiers for payment methods with programs like Apple Pay. All you need is a thumbprint, and you can purchase items and engage in banking transactions. The sophistication of smartphone technology is evenPicture5 making it possible to monitor aspects of our health like body temperature and heart rate. With smartphones becoming even more integrated into our everyday lives, designers are looking for ways to incorporate Bluetooth technology into jewelry and other accessories. Imagine being able to charge your phone or be alerted of a text message from your favorite Rebecca Minkoff gold-chain link bracelet.

Picture1   In 2015, it seems anything is possible. These innovations are just the beginning of exciting developments to come. As new technologies emerge, new fashions will follow. We no longer need a DeLorean time machine to travel to the future. The future, it appears, is now.

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A Little Flash That Ended in a Crash

By Magali Castaneda

20sStrength. Independence. Women grabbed the future by the balls and made things happen in the 20’s. It all started with one badass lady, Susan B. Anthony. She dedicated most of her adult life to women’s rights and it paid off! August 18, 1920 the 19th Amendment was passed which granted universal women’s suffrage. We were allowed to vote! Then, in 1921 the first Miss America was crowned, a sixteen-year-old Margaret Gorman.

These events empowered women to make changes in other parts of their lives. 20s4They started to think of themselves as equals to men. At this point women were already allowed to attend college but were restricted to majors like home economics, you know, why we ALL go to college now. Ladies’ thoughts were now consumed with a new reality, if you will; she could have a career and support herself. Women began wearing different things, dancing, showin’ a little leg, makin’ a little love… maybe, I don’t really know about that last one. The 20’s was an era of flappers and flappers were the personification of how women were feeling. They wore flashy dresses with no defined waists, smoked cigarettes out of fancy sticks to keep it classy, drank as much as they pleased to keep it trashy and danced the night away to jazz, heathens, I tell ya!

20s2Coco Chanel was the epitome of a woman in the 20’s, she created a fashion house that still stands today based on silhouettes that were non-constricting. So, you can thank Chanel for getting rid of corsets! Then, this era took an unexpected turn with the stock market crash of 1929. Postwar prosperity was over and the outlook of America’s future was steep. This resulted in high unemployment, for men in particular and kicked off The Great Depression.

As I read through pages and pages of the 1920’s I felt like I could relate to all of it. I remember 2008 and 2009 and how my friends’ parents were unemployed and going through rough times. Once again America’s faith in the future was close to gone. 20s3We have all gone through similar but miniscule experiences of what happened in the 20’s. I’m an educated woman, I don’t plan on making dinner for anyone but myself in the next 5 years and if I want to run for the Miss America pageant, I can, even though I’m Mexican American. And contrary to popular belief, I was born in America. I wonder how many of us would’ve made it had we been born in that era? Now, we live our lives with no restrictions and women and men are allowed to do whatever their hearts desire. If they want to be stay at home dads, they can do it, if women want to be single until their 30’s they can do that. We can thank the ballsy women of the 1920’s for pushing social norms and giving us things we now take for granted, like voting! 😉20s5

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“Wipe your eyes honey; never let them see you cry”

By Preston Blackburn

30s5Sometimes you can’t foresee when the walls that protect you will crumble. When depending on the one thing that you think remains constant suddenly fails, you’re expected to fix your face, wipe the soot from your clothes, and muster forward without shedding a tear. The people of the 1930s know resiliency all too well and slapping on an unaffected mask while watching your current lifestyle slip through your fingers became their familiar. What do you do when the economy has failed its citizens? The only thing you can do; March towards the light, wave your flag, and achieve greatness even if the cloud of depression becomes too great. 

30sWhile America was experiencing financial insecurity, surprisingly, fashion, technology, and music flourished. The liveliness of jazz music began to transition into swanky swing as the short, flapper hemlines -made famous by Jean Patou- were lowered making streamline silhouettes more desirable. Elsa Schiaparelli was a trailblazer credited as the first to introduce zippers and synthetic fabrics to US fashion. Celebrating a more feminine shape, designers focused on wide shoulders and tiny waists. Concurrently, bias cut dresses became popular and Schiaparelli’s shocking pink became every girl’s dangerous pill. The times were dark and money was scarce but people wanted to feel expensive, so they would dress up in their finest silks and most luxurious cottons and attend a movie, a30s2 play, or simply meet up for dinner.  Full color films were all the rage and the radio became more prominent (America in the 1930s). Art Deco began to hit its peak and literature had a bite so enthralling that many of our classic American stories, such as Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, were written during this decade (Heroes of the 1930s).

Hope is a fickle thing. Everyday, events happen that change your current perspective of the world and you either raise or lower your expectations to prepare for each blow. We, as Americans, put our faith in being indestructible; however, once we had to rely on our own strength, we advanced in ways we never knew were possible. The times of the 1930s may have been dark and tomorrows never promised to be fruitful, but the spirits of our fellow American citizens never burned brighter. It’s because of their sheer desire to press forward; we have 3D and IMAX movies, beautifully tailored bias-cut dresses, and satellite radio in every modern day vehicle. Now in 2013, as we climb out of our biggest recession since the 1930s, we are able to look towards the past to inspire us for a better tomorrow. Wipe your face honey; never let them see you cry.


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