It’s Easy as 1,2,3

By: Jessica Miller

What do you think if you see a floral couch, a floral dress, and a floral phone case all during the same season? Did you know that it’s not a coincidence? It’s a trend! You know you have a trend when you observe the same thing across three or more different product categories. Once you know to look for this, spotting a trend is as easy as 1,2,3.

Consumers have been introduced to a brand new way of sporting the perennial neutral black. Picture4 Picture2The hue has been updated by mixing a matte texture with glossy details. Not surprisingly, this trend is popping up across many different product categories, not the least of which are cosmetics, stationary, and even cars. The Picture3mixture creates dimension and interest. For your next manicure, try a base coat of matte black, then add shapes and prints overtop in glossy black for a dramatic effect. Two-toned business cards are sophisticated and eye-catching. Who could forget one of these? And cars are super-sleek and unforgettable. This is a trend of luxury and elegance; a way to make a statement.

In high contrast to the black trend is the resurgence of gold as the statement metallic. After a long flirt Picture5with silver and nickel, classic gold is back. Kitchen and bath fixtures in gold have cycled back around. Fashion fabrics are gleaming again. And high-tech fitness “jewelry” from fashion designers is making an impact without looking like it only belongs in a gym. Picture7 Picture6Gold is a foundational color and never completely disappears, though it took quite a hit as silvery tones were strong for such a long time. Classics are classics after all.

In a not-so-similar spirit, the recycling of trends from our parents’ developmental years continues. The issue of whether they will ever become classics is not yet known; however, the 70s are in full swing again.Picture9 Wallpaper is returning, and period designs are hot. Clothing designs are right there with the wallpaper; silhouettes mimic the original shapes of the clothes, such as bell-bottom pants from the Navy and fringe decorations. Updated versions of 70s fabric prints are everywhere. Fashion is even picking up the 90s grunge style alongsidePicture8 of the 70s. Messy layers and flannel shirts tied around the waist have returned. Moving from eyes to ears, the old record player spinning LPs is back. Does it really sound better on vinyl? Nostalgia is big, as older trends are just far enough away from now to feel newly fresh and cozy. We now have the luxury of looking to the past to lead us into the future.

Good things really do come in threes. Three multiplies and reinforces an idea. Thus, when a truly important and influential trend arises, it definitely spreads across multiple product categories. Thankfully for us, this makes spotting the trends that much easier. We definitely need to take careful note of any trend seen across several product categories, as it represents a larger change in ideas. Keep your eyes open y’all because it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


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In Vogue for Spring

By Claire MajorImage

This week I dove into Anna Wintour’s spring fashion bible, the March issue of Vogue in search of 2013’s hottest trends. The March issue is the second largest next to the September and feels like more of an encyclopedia than a magazine. I have thoroughly studied all 618 pages so you don’t have to and found three trends everyone should know about for the upcoming year.

The most evident trend in the March issue is a springtime standard: floral. I know, I know, “Floral…for spring. Groundbreaking.” Before you go all Miranda Priestly me, hear me out. In an abundance of floral prints, I found many instances of the trend done differently. ImageFlowers with texture through some kind of fabrication like fabric manipulation or beading. I like to call this sub-trend “eccentric floral.” Chanel showed some otherwise plain dresses adorned with raised, beaded flowers, like this one worn by Elle-you’re never too young for Chanel-Fanning. Erdem made a particularly quirky dress covered with flower appliqués. Image

This trend has crossed over to accessories. Just look at this Oscar de la Renta rose necklace. Overall the eccentric floral style looks youthful, but the trend is for all ages.

Another trend worthy of remark is laser-cut leather, leather that has had a design cut out, leaving open spaces in the hide.


This breathable trend was all over the Spring 2013 runways, in collections such as Proenza Schouler, Roberto Cavalli, and Giles. One of my favorite looks was this laser-cut houndstooth trench by Sportmax. Ahead of the game, Valentino created this dress with amazing red, laser-cut leather for their Fall 2012 RTW collection.This trend doesn’t come cheap—this dress can be yours for a mere $9,800. While laser-cut leather bags have recently appeared in the scene, the trend started several years ago with shoes. The trend of laser-cut apparel will probably be adopted by the young, as leather is an edgy textile.Image

The last trend I found is springtime fur. A strange choice for the warmer seasons, Prada, Fendi, Saint Laurent, and Versache showed looks with fur as the main feature. The furs are heavily dyed and embellished. Most tried to make a heavy textile look warm-weather appropriate, however Saint Laurent showed a long sleeved, ankle-length version, which seems like Hedi Slemane admitting to us that he doesn’t expect us to us to adopt this trend anyway. Fur is found in spring accessories by Celine, J Mendel, and Prada. Because fur is already daring (the constant fear of the activists’ red paint), only the most dedicated fashionistas will adopt this trend due to its impracticality, high cost, and risk.Image

Different as they may seem, these three trends have a few things in common. They are all a new take on a classic. They are also more difficult to adopt than your average fashion trend, due to higher complexity, which leads to higher cost. All of the trends are also seen in apparel and accessories. Overall, it seems embellishment and fantasy win over minimalism and functionality this spring.

Want to be in vogue this spring? Find out more about the trends here:

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