Social Media, Stealing the Scene

By: Gillian Jackson

By definition, socializing is about making lasting companionship for life- which is no wonder why social groups dominate the rises and falls in fashion. With this day and age, we as a generation are constantly on the lookout for that next “it” look. Modernizations in technology allow us to immediately connect and socialize with divePicture5rse individuals all around the globe.
Who doesn’t have a smart phone or apple product these days? Social media has become the focal point of our lives. With great apps like Instagram, Vine, Tinder, Facebook (you name it, we all have it), the current youth generation dominates it all. The Millenials, as we are known, have a fixation of wanting information and results now. We are focusing on what we see and how to get it; that is why fast fashion has sky rocketed. Collectively we are putting an emphasis on looks- selfies have become a daily occurrence. As we see more and more people taking head shots, the makeup and beauty industry will be booming with success. Due to the fact that we are now only taking pictures from mid-chest up, consumers only need to focus on dressing from the top up and are therefore wanting the latest Picture1fashions at a much faster rate. Dating apps such as Tinder and Coffee Meet Bagel, emphasize materialistic beauty only to further encourage our generation to want to buy faster.
Instragram has created a digital media empire for celebrities. Stars such as Picture3Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner have the power to set new trends just from one photo. By taking a picture and immediately uploading it, audiences can see what and who the Picture4Hollywood elite are wearing within seconds. Celebrities have always been icons for fashion, and now we can copy them within moments. It is not surprising that cheaper versions of the items celebrities wear will be mass produced very quickly.
Celebrity women have been the topic of many headlines this past year. There has been a new wave of female support, from the “Like A Girl” campaign to the encouragement of pregnant celebs. Women are now free to wear what they want and for who they want. Loose, more relaxed clothing will soon become popular among women. Picture2Gone are those tight, body-con dresses we’ve grown to hate!
Part of these new trends is our self-pride, we as a nation have grown much more confident in ourselves and are not afraid to express it. Many Americana looks will be entering the scene. Political agendas are also beginning to affect fashion with many laws being questioned and under review. Bright colors and classic silhouettes may be brought back into the mix.
Our social media dominates our fashion markets. Everyone wants to knoPicture6w what high end fashion the celebrities are wearing and how we can to. This sense of self-worth and positive body image has now resulted in comfortable, fast fashion. We want to feel a part of something, after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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