Cue the Madonna Song

By Courtney Carlson

Vogue is known for it’s elaborate photoshoots of models in unconventional yet stunning clothing and hundreds of equally unlifelike advertisements from the biggest names in luxury fashion. Just holding the 648 page fashion bible just begged me to pour a glass of wine and feel rich as I flipped through the model-laden pages. Alright, trend-hunting in vogue1Vogue. Let’s go.

One of the biggest trends I saw in this issue was fringe. So much, in fact, that there was actually an article about how many ways fringe can be used in fashion right now. Among the recommendations? Sleeves, dresses, skirts, and blouses…basically anything you can make flapper-style…do it. Vogue sure does make it look like the iconic 20’s rebel look is coming back on in, and I love it. The fringe is showing up not only on these dresses and skirts like Vogue showed, but also crop tops, bags, and boots are featuring different types of fringe.

vogue3Another throwback trend Vogue was absolutely raving about is the mid skirt. I was pretty sure those were called midi skirts…ya know, with an “I”…but I’ll trust the experts here. Basically the trend being analyzed here is the length of skirts and dresses and how it’s suddenly hitting mid-calf rather than the usual above-the-knee style. The biggest trend here is the high-waisted mid skirt with a crop top, which I am personally loving. Hiding leg and showing a little belly…I just think it’s the perfect balance of fun and class.

The third major trend I saw throughout the March issue of Vogue is similar to the mid skirt, but it was on a different page, so I’m totally considering it a different trend. The height and width ofvogue5 heels are both changing to more of a middle ground. Stilettos aren’t always exactly comfortable, so I don’t think anyone is complaining about a bit of a shorter heel coming in as a hot trend. While these can go hand-in-hand with the mid skirt that shows off the shoe a bit more than usual, they can also pair nicely with some trendy cropped pants or colored jeans.

Over all, I don’t think it is possible to casually flip through Vogue and not feel a bit fabulous. Any magazine that considers a pair of Valentino sandals a “steal” is perfect for making a woman feel glamorous…even if there is no chance in the world of ever actually affording that so-called steal.. and don’t even get me started on the “splurges” that cost more than my first car. It’s timeless, beautiful, and my favorite, most reliable source for the biggest and best fashion news.



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