Smells like the ’90s

By Shannon Odom

Hold on to your combat boots ladies and gents because it seems that the nineties are staging a full-scale comeback! Over the past year, nineties nostalgia has been popping up everywhere.  Let’s check it out… 


Nineties’ entertainment is everywhere.  Classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and Titanic are going back for round two in what seems to be an emerging trend of presenting old movies in 3D to a new audience.

The nineties have also made a reappearance on television in the late-night programming block on TeenNick, “The ‘90s are All That.”

Celebrities such as Taylor Momsen and Mary-Kate Olsen have been recently spotted wearing the nineties’ “grunge” look, a style inspired by the casual, baggy fashions of the late Kurt Cobain. Cobain was the lead singer of Nirvana, whose infamous album, “Nevermind,” has just celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

How do Grunge fans feel knowing Spencer Elden, the “Nirvana Baby” is old enough to vote?

It seems to me that the conspiring of all of these events cannot be merely coincidence, so I decided to take a walk down memory lane. Certain similarities are apparent in the zeitgeist, or spirit of the times, of the ‘90s and the present day.  For example, there was a war between the United States and the Middle East (The Gulf War) much like today’s news. Overall, I would rather attribute the resurgence of the nineties to the simplistic nature of the period. It is the antithesis of the current times. My generation (the children of the nineties), is just now reaching an age at which we can appreciate those wonderful days of yesteryear. Might the people of today actually long for the days when the country’s biggest concern was whether or not a certain president had an affair with his intern? Not to discredit THAT as a valid issue in any way…

The nineties were the years when anti-fashion became a fashion statement. Plaid flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and Doc Marten-esque combat boots were the essential statement pieces of the ‘90s grunge fashion movement. These items can easily be found in a thrift store, and thus are fitting of a current decade in which the economy could withstand a little improvement. So if you are looking to release some inner angst a la Kurt Cobain, look no further than your local flea market…or the back of your closet. Happy findings readers!

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