Pretty Baby, You Look So Edgy

By: Dannielle Davis

What do you think of when it comes to Debbie Harry’s iconic style? Perhaps what immediately comes to mind are monochromatic looks, denim, and stripes. Are you kidding me? Dig a little bit deeper, Debbie Harry is so much more than that. She has the power to wear all types of different prints and fabrications and look absolutely divine without any criticism. She truly is a style chameleon. Not just anyone can pull it off, but if you’re Debbie Harry, you surely can.Picture5

Debbie’s aura of punk style can clearly be seen through such fabrics as alluring velvet, classic leather, and delicate chiffon. Although these fabrics are all very different from one another in the hand and weight of the fabric, they come together when exemplified by Debbie Harry. A soft and more feminine side can be shown when wearing a nice hue ofPicture2 cranberry velvet pants or leggings. A tougher side can be portrayed when charcoal grey leather pants, boots, or a jacket is worn. And, you can be edgy, feminine, and slightly sexy in a sheer chiffon top paired with a bralette showing a little bit of skin but not exposing too much. An unexpected leather dress is also an unexpected mix of edgy and femininity. None of these fabrics can go wrong if you’re trying to channel Debbie in your wardrobe. She is the perfect example of versatility. So Picture3keep them guessing and wanting more from your style, instead of sticking to monotonous textiles and prints. Not only could she pull off three completely different types of fabrics, she can also adore her fans and fashionistas in an array of prints. From abstract paint blotch patterns to organic lines and to a variety of animal prints, such as leopard, zebra, tiger, and giraffe, she truly has an eye for understated fashion. Printed jumpsuits, dresses, tops, and jackets are necessities in your wardrobe. You may find these prints to be a little out there and maybe hard to wear, but paired with the right fabrics and an ‘IDGAF’ attitude, you can’t go wrong. Not only do these prints draw attention to the eye, but they also give the illusion of added texture to each ensemble. With the illusion of texture in prints and wearing fabulous fabrics, you are surPicture1e to be the envy of all your friends.

Picture4These prints and fabrications aren’t off limits exclusively to Debbie, you too can channel Debbie in your wardrobe. With the comeback of 70’s fashion in today’s market, velvet, leather, chiffon, animal, and abstract prints are all the rage. This tough, yet, pretty girl knows exactly how to stick with her edge, but allowing her toughness to remain pretty through the combination of fabrics and prints that one my not always imagine go together and completely owning it. You too can be a style chameleon. So, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, have that ‘IDGAF’ attitude, and be that edgy pretty girl you know you are deep down inside. There’s a Debbie in all of us.


Debbie Harry Leopard Print Dress:

Debbie Harry Chiffon Top and Leather Pants:

Debbie Harry Yellow Abstract Print Jacket:

Velvet Leggings:

Paint Splatter Skirt:

Harry Styles, or a Harry with Style?

By: Leah Phillips

These days the term ‘Style Icon’ gets thrown around like candy at a parade, but there is no truer example of the term than Deborah Harry, the lead singer from the 1970s and 80s-era hit punk and new wave band, Blondie.

Without Harry, the New York punk scene would have looked completely different, and it may have taken years longer for punk to be accepted into the public dance world. Without Blondie’s song, Rapture, rap wouldn’t have reached the public eye near as quickly, as it was the first rap-infused song to top the charts and be featured on MTV.Picture4 Blondie was far ahead of the game as they helped pioneer the new wave music sound and brought gay rights into the music spotlight by playing at some of NYC’s first-ever Gay Pride events. Harry was among the first female musical stars to commission clothing, mostly from her neighbor, the legendary Stephen Sprouse, who went on to be known as the punk glamour god of design largely in part to his ties with Harry.

Not only in music, but also in fashion, Harry has been a leader in the trend world since humming her first tune, and she hasn’t stopped since. She was the voice, the face and the clothing model of the late 70s.

Her tramp-beauty cloaked in a Monroe aura created timeless tunes that continue to get remade, covered and reused. Picture2The iconic punk diva created a look that’s been reimagined, re-done, watered down and re-sold time and time again because everyone wants to look like the mother of American punk. With her bed-hair, sharp cheekbones and cupid bow lips, she put the blonde in Blondie.

Though the 70s ended long ago, Harry’s influence has never waivered. Age can’t stop this woman, at 69 she is still dropping records, reinventing songs, singing shows and being featured in fashion publications, TV shows, moviePicture3s and media outlets across the globe. She not only was a legend but also continues to live as one, breaking new bounds and conquering new ideas, continuing to inspire change and trends.

As the styles from the 70s return, and hints of 90s grunge creep back onto our trend radar, we are clamoring for Harry’s style once more. The two toned hair, the denim-onPicture1-denim, the monochromatic outfits and neutrals from head-to-toe, all are Harry signature styles that are back with a vengeance. She will be sure to be lead the pack with her iconic quirky style of downtown Barbie with a vixen twist as she rocks short blonde hair and fabrics and combinations that pop.

In this age of fashion as a means of personal expression and clothes as a form of communication about ourselves and our beliefs, who better to lead us than someone who has been expressing herself and touching lives for decades? In choosing whom our icons are, our muses for how we dress and what we wear, would you rather have Harry Styles or a Harry with true style?


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Elizabeth Taylor

By Abbey McNeill

elizabeth taylor        Stunning violet eyes, sexy curves, red lips, luscious eyebrows and a renowned diamond collection, what woman doesn’t wish they could live a day in the life of Elizabeth Taylor?  Few people on earth can attest to a film career, or any career for that matter, that spanned over six successful decades and were still revered and praised at the end of it all. Born in London, England to parents that were well off in society, the Taylor family moved to Los Angeles while Elizabeth was still young. It wasn’t too long after, that both MGM and Universal studios were fighting over rights to contract the natural beauty. Universal ended up the victor and contracted her for seven years. She was a star by the time she was 12-made famous by her role in National Velvet, a role that embedded a magical and mysterious infatuated bond between young girls and horses. By seventeen she was dating a millionaire and by 18 she was married for the first time and divorced nine months later. She was married seven times and was very open with her love affairs, making her personal life as dramatic as her roles on stage.

elizabeth taylorElizabeth claimed several roles that plunged her into iconic fame. Most recognized for her stunning natural beauty, she actually had a mutation called Distichiasis that gave her two rows of eyelashes. Her role in Butterfield 8 she hated, claiming it was the most pornographic script she’d ever read: but even so, the mink coat she wore in the movie made quite the statement – and has been a statement ever since. In the 1950’s, women everywhere appeared in dresses that resembled a white slip – a trend accidentally invented by Taylor in the film, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Elizabeth’s role in Cleopatra had the most profound statement of all for woman everywhere. Basically, if you wear cat eye liner, you can thank Elizabeth for making that happen. For the movie, she applied the eyeliner herself because her make-up artist threw out his back before filming began and so she studied his technique and copied everything she had seen him do.elizabeth taylor

          Elizabeth’s close friend Michael Jackson wrote a song called “Elizabeth, I Love You” proving that Elizabeth inspired more than just cat eyes and mink coats, but lyrics as well. Along with lyrical adoration by MJ, designer and Taylor enthusiast, MK (as in Michael Kors) designed his 2006 Spring line of fashion forward western wear after Elizabeth’s style, made famous in thelizabeth taylor2e movie, Giant. In even more recent times, reality TV star, Kim Kardashian was lent Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra robe for a “sexy shoot”, keeping Elizabeth’s style contemporary as well as ancient.

        How could you incorporate signature Taylor taste into relevant personal style? Mink coats, plunging necklines, red lipstick, cleavage, cat like eyeliner and 64 carat diamonds are a good place to start. “Taylor lived the kind of grandiose, larger-than-life existence that we are not likely to see again in our lifetime. Her influence will be with us for a long, long time.”

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Can Grace be your Salvation?

By Preston Blackburn

gracejonesImagine a stage. Quiet. Dark. Eerie almost. The crowd flutters with anticipation and you can hear a low, electro pop beat filter through the air. Suddenly, a beam of light pierces through the sky only to land on a fuzzy, womanly silhouette on stage. You quickly realize that this is no ordinary woman. An intimidating figure standing just under seven feet with a long mane of hair flowing down her back, just barely touching the floor. As her shape becomes more visible, you notice that she’s dressed in a tight, cat woman inspired bodysuit, ten inch leather boots, and a headdress so mesmerizing you would think she was from an ‘80s Vegas primetime attraction. The crowd rips into applause. You may not know who this woman is but she was the Rihanna before Rihanna went bad, the Beyonce before she was Sasha Fierce, and the Lady Gaga before Stefani had a chance to bleach her brunette roots and dance with a disco stick. Grace Jones, woman extraordinaire, paved the way for all these women to have the gumption to grace the magazines and television shows of today one squeaky, latex boot at a time.

grace jones2Beverly Grace Jones was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica before moving to New York where she began her career as a high fashion model. Appearing on the covers of Elle and Vogue magazine, Grace began to achieve supermodel status due to her dark, bold skin and androgynous appeal. Grace was not afraid to be overly sexual while blurring gender lines (10 Things You Never Knew). She even credited attending a party nude as her best outfit. Grace’s inescapable allure propelled her into other creative mediums such as music and acting, as well as being the muse for painters such as Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. Though she rose to fame within the modeling world, Grace found commercial success in music, releasing nine albums before 1990 with five number one singles and one Grammy nomination (An audience with Grace Jones). Her constant desire to march against the grain inspired fellow musician Annie Lennox as she modeled the early stages of her career after Grace’s aesthetic.  Grace single-handedly influenced the cross-dressing movement of the 1980s inspiring women that it never pays to be afraid. Sometimes you just have to paint your face purple, staple some barbwire to your fro, and cut up your sheets into a slinky, low-cut toga in order to grab a drink at the downtown hotspot.grace jones3

Today, designers are continuously looking for new ways to inject androgyny into their collections. From Emilio Pucci to Lanvin, androgynous fashion is a revolving door that continues to spit out new ways for women to strut their stuff to the beat of a man. Grace Jones continues to inspire fashion spreads in W magazine and Italian Vogue. Always constant, Grace’s style transcends through time. Lady Gaga may be asking for our applause, but the true praise belongs to the woman who never saw a boundary her stiletto couldn’t break.


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